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Past Reports from Linus Chin - Feb 2010 to December 2014

December 2014
On behalf of the Otago Southland Chinese Association committee I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The committee will be taking a bit of time off from association work over the Christmas period but are looking forward to another full year of activities for our members.

Early next year we will be gearing up for Chinese New Year Dinner, Chinese New Year Picnic, and OSCA Orientation week BBQ. We will also be focusing on The Annual NZCA Sports and Cultural Tournament which will be held over Easter weekend in Dunedin.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our paid up members who have supported our activities. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals, and we hope we can count on your continued support in 2015.

So have a great time over the Christmas period, and we wish you all good health, wealth, and fortune in 2015.

Linus Chin
Otago & Southland Chinese Association

July 2014

While we welcomed some new committee members since the last newsletter, there was also a sad farewell to one of our oldest committee members. It was with great sadness that the committee was informed of Mrs. George Wong’s (Noleen) passing recently. Noleen was a great supporter of the association and its activities. She will be missed at our meetings and functions and I am sure that I speak for the entire committee in expressing our sadness at her passing. Our thoughts remain with George and his family. 

I have attended the NZCA AGM and am pleased to report that the NZCA is on a stable financial footing with the building fully tenanted. This is important because the NZCA supports the Otago & Southland branch with funds to help run the Dunedin Chinese School as well as the NZCA Annual Sports and Cultural Tournament.

Dunedin will be hosting the 2015 Tournament and planning is well advanced. As usual we require a lot of volunteers to help run the event and will be calling on our members to help out.

The Lion Dance Team is performing on a regular basis, and are eagerly awaiting new Lion costumes that have been ordered.
Meanwhile the committee has been busy running activities for our members as well. The reports outline some of the things we have been doing.

By now the weather has settled into our winter phase, and while we would like to stay warm inside where we can, those who are interested can go to the weekly basketball practices which continue at the Edgar Centre, and we are looking ahead to a new event we will hold in lieu of the South Island Basketball Tournament. We are also looking forward to the August Camp which will be held at Berwick camp this year, and also the August Moon Festival Dinner is on the horizon as well.

If you want to access older newsletters or look at the current newsletter in colour, please go to our website and have a look. While there you can also get contact information and other information about our history and activities we support.

Linus Chin
Otago & Southland Chinese Association

February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
It is time to renew your membership so pay your subscription fee now for the 2014 financial year.

This is our first newsletter for the year.
If you would prefer receiving a copy via email please let us know and we can arrange this easily.

Our latest newsletter is available on this site.

If you are a new member search on Facebook for the OSCA group and ask to join. Here you will be updated on the latest 

opportunities and news for our members and also be able to comment as well.
Welcome to Keith Kelsall, Tara King, Kendall Chin, Cameron Young and Natasha Wong, who join our committee and we say 

farewell to Michael Ngan Kee. Thanks for your help Michael and good luck for the future.

We also say farewell and thank you to Dr Zhifa Sun who has served on the committee for many years as our liaison with the 

Dunedin Chinese Language School. Keith Kelsall, the current President of the school will now fulfill this role.

I would also like to thank the younger members for their volunteer work for OSCA. As part of OSCA’s commitment to 

supporting Chinese cultural community events, 8 students from our OSCA youth group volunteered to help with the catering of 

dim sum food and drinks for the Dunedin Chinese Garden Book Launch and the Shanghai Yu Garden Photo Exhibition.
Thanks to those who attended the Chinese New Year Dinner in support of OSCA. As many people know we do not make any profit 

on the cost of food and our fundraising is restricted to the raffle sales alone, so thanks for those who purchased raffle 

tickets as well.

The year is starting with the arrival of new and returning students and we will be welcoming them back with a number of 

events organised by the youth committee and then we will be attending the New Zealand Chinese Association Sports and 

Cultural Tournament over Easter this year.

We welcome the Year of the Horse. It will be a time for new relationships, opportunities, and activities.

Linus Chin
Otago & Southland Chinese Association

September 2013


Hoping you are all avoiding the winter chills and ills.

Thank you to all those members that have supported our activities during the year. We try our best to provide a number of 

benefits for you and it is always a pleasure for us to see you attend or participate in our functions.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Victoria Lui who joins our committee to help us achieve our goals.

Planning for the Annual Sports and Cultural Tournament 2014 in Wellington continues, as well as planning for the South 

Island Basketball Tournament which will be held in Dunedin on 28th and 29th of September.

The Annual August Camp was another great success with our youth members spending 2 nights at Berwick Camp. This is OSCA’s 

equivalent to the NZCA Leadership Camp where our youth group learn teamwork, problem solving, and are mentored in 

leadership in a fun environment.

We have two teams playing basketball in local competition and this is mainly sponsored by OSCA. We believe that 

participation in sport is a valuable addition to a person’s life skills along with academic, leadership, and social skills.

2 members of OSCA have been successful in gaining NZCA Academic Awards. This is an excellent result since there are only 

about 7 awards available nationwide, so well done to our applicants.
Our Lion Dance Team continues to be in high demand for various events around Dunedin. The committee appreciates the time 

and effort these members put into their activities. We had a small group in Christchurch for a weekend of performances and 

training in August. The team are also planning to purchase more Lion Heads due to general wear and tear. Donations towards 

their purchase will be gratefully accepted.

A delegation of OSCA committee members attended the NZCA AGM and participated in activities which will guide us on a 

national basis.
Don’t forget to support our August Moon Dinner which will be held on the 21st September.

Please don’t hesitate to let a committee member know if you have a particular project you would like OSCA to support. We 

are open to anything which falls within the boundaries of our charter.

Thank You.

Linus Chin

May 2013


We have had a busy time since the last message so read all about it in this site, starting from the home page.

Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, OSCA is able to run many activities for its members. We have volunteers that 

help to organize our fundraising dinners and senior events, such as the photo afternoons, and yum chars. We also have a 

very active youth group who are supported by volunteers who help organize sports competitions, sports teams, socials, Lion 

Dance, and camps. Our Southland Sub Branch is run by a very enthusiastic volunteer committee and I am sure they also have 

volunteers from the community who give up time and resources as well. These people are the heart and soul of the 

association and we are lucky to have them.

Although most of our activities focus on our local members, we are part of a national group, the New Zealand Chinese 

Association (NZCA). It’s my understanding that we are the longest running and only national body representing the Chinese 

community in New Zealand. Being part of NZCA, gives OSCA access to scholarships, courses, overseas tours, and good 

relationships with the New Zealand Government as well as the Chinese Embassy and Consuls, and the Taiwan Economic and 

Cultural Office.

The NZCA Sports and Cultural Tournament, NZCA Chinese School Subsidy, NZCA Academic Scholarships, NZCA Winter Camp, Dragon 

100, NZCA Leadership Development Camp are all NZCA initiatives which members can participate in (conditions apply).

If you know family or friends that may enjoy OSCA activities and want to join our community then please contact a committee 

member or use the form in the newsletter.

Thank You.

Linus Chin

February 2013

Happy New Year!

This year your committee will have an increasing number of commitments to its own activities, supporting other Civic 

activities, and other community group activities.
Our youth group continues to be active in cultural, sporting, and academic fields.

Orientation Week will see the Youth Group manning a stall at the Clubs and Societies Day, as well as an Orientation 


In early February a leadership camp run by NZCA, Auckland Branch will attract potential leaders, who will eventually take 

on more responsible roles within our organisation and in their working careers.

A new youth award has been approved by the committee. Please take the time to look at the article about the award in that 

follows in this newsletter.

Later this year we will host the South Island September Basketball Tournament where we (Otago Southland Branch) compete 

against the Canterbury Branch in basketball at a number of different age groups.

Keep an eye out for the newsletters and this website to find out about up and coming events and activities. You will also 

find reports on activities that we have been involved in over the last few months.

I would like to thank the committee for their support over the year and look forward to working with them again this year.

Please take advantage of your membership and participate in some of our events that we hold for your benefit or apply for 

the various courses, awards, and scholarships.
We are trying very hard to offer a good spread of activities for our members and are open to suggestions, so if you have a 

good idea or wish to help form an activity group, contact one of our committee members who will help as much as they can.

So with Chinese New Year coming up, I would like to wish you all another Happy Chinese New Year.

Linus Chin
Otago-Southland Chinese Association

September 2012

I’ll begin my report by welcoming Colin Chin to the Youth Committee. Colin has been involved in many OSCA basketball 

tournaments and social events that OSCA have held in the last couple of years and will contribute that experience to the 


A Post Easter Party was held in OSCA rooms on Sat 28th of April with about 20 people attending from the OSCA Auckland 

Easter Contingent. Awards were conferred for MVP, MIP and various other categories to those who deserved recognition.
On Sunday 20th May we held a lunch at the Kwangchow Restaurant for 40 of our more elderly members with members over 70’s 

dining for free and a subsidised price for those under 70. We had a good turnout and everyone had a good time catching up 

with old friends and acquaintances.

Kristel Yee and I attended the NZCA AGM and Conference in Wellington over 15th, 16th, and 17th June, where we represented 

OSCA at national level. Melissa Yee and a representative from both the Chinese Embassy and the Taiwanese Economic and 

Cultural Office attended the conference.

OSCA has purchased a book about social Chinese history titled, “China in Those Days “, by   Thomas Brandt. Please note that 

this book is available to borrow from Michael Young at 858 George St Motels who will be keeping a register.

Nicolle Wong (Otago) and Xing Dong (Southland) were successful in their application to the Dragons 100 Conference. This 

conference is limited to 100 attendees with an allocation of 40 from Hong Kong and China. To have 2 people attending from 

OSCA is a great result and OSCA provided some financial aid to our successful applicants because while the costs of 

attending the Conference in China was provided for, the applicants had to pay for return airfares to the venue.

I am also pleased to report that our Social Grade mixed Basketball team achieved a 3rd placing in their competition and the 

3rd Division Men’s team came 1st in their division.

Basketball practice continues and we will be taking 2 vans of competitors to Christchurch for the South Island Basketball 

Tournament to be held on 28th, 29th and 30th September 2012.

After a performance at Teacher’s College on 22nd July, the Lion Dance Team is entering a quieter phase at the moment but 

it’s a good opportunity to work on new techniques with new music. The Lion Dance Team had a dinner as a reward for the 

effort they have put into their performances and also to farewell Ryan Young. 
We have also approved the display of a Lion Dance Head at Unicol.

Teresa Chan and Adrian Thein were part of a group who are working with the Otago Settlers Museum on the “Our Voices” 

project. The Otago Settlers Museum requested stories from local Chinese on early life in the Otago region in particular, 

Laundry Businesses, Market Gardening, Restaurants, Takeaways, and Fruiterers. OSCA was tasked with helping locate people 

who were willing to contribute.

OSCA also contributed financially towards funding the publication of a book on the History of Market Gardeners in New 

Zealand and a history of the Dominion Growers Federation. We will also be sponsoring a book launch in Dunedin after Labour 


The OSCA August Camp was held over 31st August, 1st & 2nd September at Tirohanga Camp just outside Mosgiel. We were very 

lucky with the weather and the Camp was deemed a success by those who attended.  For families who were invited to camp, 

entertainment was provided by a magic show and dinner, followed by a lip sync show put on by the campers. I would like to 

take this opportunity to thank those families who attended and those who helped out in the kitchen, as well as our local 

magician, John Barton.

OSCA has established a new award, the OSCA Youth Contribution Award which will recognise the youth leadership skills and 

outstanding contribution of individual young members to OSCA. In due time the conditions and criteria for winning this 

award will be posted on the Association website.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the work we do for our community. While we cannot promise to pursue every opportunity 

presented to us, please contact our committee if you have an initiative that you think has merit.

Linus Chin
Otago-Southland Chinese Association

May 2012

Since the last newsletter your Association has completed the planned maintenance on the OSCA clubrooms and the new roof on the canopy and the new colour scheme looks really good. There is still a little more maintenance planned to keep the building weather tight as well as work required for earthquake strengthening over the next few years.

OSCA also wrote a brief history of the association for publication in the NZCA History which will go to print soon. Thanks to Janice, David, and Gordon for contributing their time to get this done before the deadline.

As usual our youth group was busy with planning the Otago University Clubs and Societies Day where we try to interest new students in our activities. The youth committee also helped to run the OSCA BBQ, which was held in Dunedin rather than Brighton Domain for the first time in many years. I believe those that attended the BBQ  had a great time.

Basketball practices started at the beginning of term and we had a competitive contingent travelling to Auckland for 

Easter.  The purpose of the Annual NZCA Sports and Cultural Tournament is to foster closer links with other likeminded people through sport. I’m pleased to be able to report that the young people representing Otago and Southland Chinese Association continue to be positive role models of our youth. Basketball practices continue through this term and we will be travelling to Christchurch to compete in basketball in September.

The Lion Dance Group continues to be in demand and they performed at Chinese New Year at the Dunedin Chinese Garden, the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, and the Dunedin Casino. Other performances were held for the Multi Ethnic Council celebration, and bookings continue to flow in for future performances.

The children’s Christmas function was held on Saturday 10th December at St Clair School, and by all accounts the Father Christmas arrived on time and the children had a good day.

The committee has changed a little since the last newsletter, and we have welcomed Lisa Ung, Christine Wong, and Kevin Zhang. Sadly we say farewell to Thomas Ding. Thomas has our vote of thanks for his contribution to our activities.

In an acknowledgement of George Wong’s contribution to OSCA and his upcoming special birthday we celebrated the occasion 

with George and Noleen with a supper.

I will take this opportunity to welcome any new members, and a special thank you for those who continue to support our goals. Remember there are benefits to membership, so please don’t forget to fill in your subscription forms and join now.

Linus Chin
President Otago-Southland Chinese Association

November 2011

This Presidents report ends a busy year for us with plenty of activities sponsored by or run by the Otago & Southland 

Association, and its sub branch in Invercargill, which continues to provide activities for members in Invercargill. A great 

job everyone. 
Since the last Presidents Report the association has held a “Picture Search”, run the August Camp, run a Charity Auction in 

conjunction with our Annual August Moon Dinner and the various sub committees and groups have been busy as well dealing 

with maintenance issues and financial matters.

I was lucky enough to attend the 2011 August Camp where a group of younger people gathered to share fellowship and for many 

of them, test themselves in new situations. I am pleased to report that I think we provided a good mix of fun, challenge, 

and that those that attended had a great time and received some measure of benefit from the camp.

The August Moon Dinner was well attended and around $5000.00 was raised in support of the New Zealand Chinese Associations 

goal to help with the Christchurch Earthquake. Thank you to all those who purchased tickets or bid on the items that were 

kindly donated.

We also held a Car Picture Search with an afternoon tea provided…read more about this in the newsletter.
The Lion Dance Team has been performing at venues all around Otago this year and have impressed each time. We have a very 

good team able to provide an exciting performance with a variety of dedicated group of young performers. The highlight this 

year was being asked to perform by the DCC for the official Rugby World Cup welcoming ceremonies for the English and 

Argentinian teams as an illustration of Dunedin’s multicultural background.  I think this reinforces the belief by council 

the importance of the contribution Chinese make in the community.

I am extremely proud of the Lion Dance Team and the way they have represented OSCA at their performances.
By the time you receive this newsletter, our AGM will have been held and a new committee formed. We are about to begin 

planning for Christmas breakup, Chinese New Year, Orientation Week, and Easter which will be in Auckland next year.

Keep your eyes open for notices next year or check our website.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Linus Chin
President Otago-Southland Chinese Association

July 2011
Greetings all.

This newsletter promises to be one of our biggest to date with reports about our activities since the last newsletter and advising you all about coming events. 
I am pleased to report that the NZCA Annual Sports and Cultural Tournament held over Easter weekend this year in Dunedin, was successfully closed at the Presentation Ball on the Monday night. You can read a more detailed report in the tournament section.

My thanks to Frances Wong, Nicolle Wong and Laura Sew Hoy and the team of young members on the tournament sub-committee who devoted a huge amount of time and effort to run this event for OSCA. This is the showcase event of the NZCA calendar and is a huge and challenging commitment. I am pleased to say that the volunteers on the committee showed that our confidence in them was not misplaced. I believe that many of them learnt a great deal about event management in the months leading up to and during the tournament.

The New Purple Forbidden City Orchestra playing their only Dunedin concert at the Chinese Gardens, was created by 10 virtuoso players of traditional Chinese instruments, all of whom are Professors at Beijing’s famous China Conservatory of Music. OSCA was a proud sponsor of the concert and approved a grant of $500 towards the cost of hosting the Orchestra. By all accounts the concert was a success and our sponsorship of this cultural event was well justified.

We have also purchased new Lion Dance tops, and props for the Lion Dance Team who are proving to very much in demand for public and private performances. The team performed daily at 3pm over the Queen’s Birthday weekend for the Dragon Boat Festival, held at the Dunedin Chinese Gardens. Practices continue and the Team continues to improve existing skills and develop new ones. Look out for them in the future.

We have just secured the tenants in the OSCA building and have rental income stability for the next 2 years. Repair work will be addressed shortly with the veranda due for repair and the façade due to be painted. We have been approved for a DCC grant to assist with the cost of painting. The veranda will incur significant costs to repair.

One of our Lion Dance Troupe members attended a workshop organised by the Invercargill Sub Branch. This was very valuable experience and I thank the Invercargill Sub Branch members for their hospitality while down there.
OSCA was pleased to present Ruth Sun and Brittany Wong their certificates and awards of $250 for their results in the NZCA academic awards. I encourage members to apply for these awards if eligible.

Men’s Division 3 Basketball started on 2nd April 2011 and we have 11 OSCA players in the team with Jono Wu and Pat Truong coaching. OSCA sponsored the entry and the team has proven to be very competitive. The Men’s Division 3 – OSCA team have only lost one game so they are in a good position for the play-offs. An OSCA sponsored Mixed Social team were promoted to the top division and have only lost one game so far.

A letter of concern was sent and presented at a DCC hearing by the Dunedin Gardens Trust in regards to DCC Annual plan 2011/12 concerning a new Rattray Street Bridge for Pedestrians and Cyclists to open up the Queens Garden – Harbour side areas starting beside Chinese Gardens and links up by the Custom House building. Our concern was that car parks would be lost and the bridge was potentially intrusive with respect to the Dunedin Chinese Garden.

A letter of concern was sent to the Queenstown Lakes District Council regarding a proposed commercial development adjacent to the Arrowtown Chinese Mining Heritage Area. The concern here was a danger that rubbish and noise from a proposed fast food outlet was not in keeping with the heritage nature of the adjacent area.

Two members of the Invercargill Sub Branch, Kristel Yee and Lin Zhou were successful in their application to attend Dragon 100, a leadership conference held in China. Again I urge anyone who qualifies to apply for this event since it represents not only amazing value but also an amazing learning and cultural experience.

$400 was collected from James Ng books sold at the Easter merchandise desk.  James was happy to donate the proceeds to OSCA but the committee decided to donate the money to the Lawrence Chinese Camp Charitable Trust.
At the Chinese Garden Tour, part of the NZCA Annual Sports and Cultural Tournament events, guides volunteered their time and venue made available at a reduced cost and it was agreed that donation equal to the amount made in profit to the respective charitable organisations be made.

Up and coming events include the August Moon Dinner which will be a fundraiser for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal; an Asian Basketball tournament hosted by OSCA in September ith teams from Asian communities in Dunedin and Chinese teams from Invercargill and Christchurch. We are also planning to hold a social car rally event for all members to enjoy very soon. 

Registrations for August Camp are due as well so there is plenty to look forward to.

Be sure to support your local association by attending a committee meeting or an OSCA event. Any enquiries can be made direct to a committee member or via details in Contact Us on this website.

Linus Chin
Linus Chin
President Otago-Southland Chinese Association

March 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

A new year has started, and for many of us it can be a time to reflect on the previous year and think about the future. The New Year is also a time for resolutions about the year to come. So I hope that you are looking forward to what the New Year will bring. We certainly are, because there are a number of exciting events coming up for us.

Since my last report the committee has been actively thinking about the sorts of activities that would appeal to our members. We are always looking to add to our activities as well, so if you have a particular interest in an activity, please contact one of the committee members. We can possibly provide help or a venue or sponsorship to run your activity.

The 63rd New Zealand Chinese Association (Inc) Annual Sports Tournament is being held in Dunedin over the Easter weekend. I want to take this opportunity to thank the committee who are organizing and running the tournament for us this year. It is a huge job. Many of our subcommittee are young and will gain valuable experience in planning, management, marketing, 

finance, budgeting, fundraising, project management, and all the other skills required to run the tournament.  

The Lion Dance Team had a very busy Chinese New Year and performed at 3 different venues and had 5 performances in one day. 

The Lion Dances proved to be very popular for those that attended the various celebrations held for Chinese New Year and 

OSCA is very proud of the of the team. Take a look at the photos and article in this edition of the newsletter. If you want to participate in this activity please contact us.

We held our Chinese New Year Dinner at the Golden Harvest and I would like to thank the committee who organised this event and also those that chose to attend. We had a great night and I was pleased to see that the fundraising raffle was very popular. We regard these dinners as an opportunity to celebrate significant Chinese celebrations with friends and family.

Another favourite event is our annual picnic which was held at Brighton Domain and we all had a great time having a BBQ lunch and the kids and families all competing well in the gumboot throwing, tug of war, and egg catching. Luckily the weather was co-operative. 

I also met with our Mayor, Dave Cull, with Malcolm Wong and we discussed our concerns about comments made by a councillor regarding the Dunedin Chinese Garden that had been published in the news. I believe that we stated our case well and left no doubt in the mayor’s mind that we feel as if the Chinese segment of the community has been marginalized by the comments. 

There did not appear to be a councillor willing to defend the Dunedin Chinese garden and its value as an attraction as well as the more intangible values it creates for Dunedin due to its uniqueness.

On a more positive note the 2011 NZCA Academic Awards applications are available for members right now. Historically we have had good results from OSCA members who applied for these awards so I encourage you to get your applications in soon.

Just a reminder that subscriptions for membership are due in April 2011 so please make sure you complete the membership form to accompany your payment in order for us to make sure you are registered as a member with the correct details.

Linus Chin
President Otago-Southland Chinese Association

November 2010


Once again I have been elected to act as President of the Otago & Southland Chinese Association for another term. I can only hope that I have fulfilled the demands of this position in a positive way and look forward to another busy year. 

Thanks to the committee for their confidence in me.

The committee for 2010-2011 are:

Adrian Thein (Vice President and Chairman)
Michael Young (English Secretary)
Hector Wong and Wayne Chin (Treasurers)
George Wong
Noleen Wong
Teresa Chan
James Chin
Gordon Wong
Sin Phua
Zhifa Sun
Phillip Shum
Frances Wong
Conrad Wong
Nicole Wong
Jono Wu
Jim Wong (Chairman)
Philip Chan (Vice Chairman)
Penny Chan (Chinese Secretary)
Lin Zhuo (Treasurer)
Margaret Young (Secretary)
Lisa Bu
Dorothy Tan
Daniel Chang
Rose Zao
Hwai Heng

This will be my final report for the year 2010. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my committee and their families and friends for supporting OSCA's projects over the last year. I don't think that the average member appreciates the amount of volunteer work the committee does on top of their own work and family commitments.

There have been many activities supported by OSCA this year and I would like to thank the members for supporting our activities by either attending or helping in some way towards running them. 

Below is a list of some of the activities held through the year.

December 2009
Yum Char for the senior members.

February 2010
Chinese New Year Picnic.
Chinese New Year Dinner.
Lion Dance Performance at DCC sponsored event.
Dragon Parade.
University Clubs and Society Open Day.
Youth BBQ.

March 2010
Ventnor Working Group Meeting
Youth and Children's Bowling Night.

April 2010
Easter Tournament in Wellington
Post Easter Party.

May 2010
Photo Afternoon.

June 2010
Attended NZCA AGM in Wellington.
Attended NZCA 75th Anniversary Dinner in Wellington.

July 2010
Dunedin Chinese Garden 2nd Anniversary.
OUSA International Cultural Night.
Application to Dunedin casino for funding.

August 2010
August Winter Camp.
Youth Break-up Party.
Poll Tax Heritage Application.

September 2010
South Island Chinese Miniball and Basketball Tournament.
August Moon Dinner.

As you can see, OSCA was very busy, with activities almost every month. I am very interested in knowing your feelings about new activities OSCA can support in the coming year, or if we can improve existing events.

Looking ahead we have a Christmas Party for the Chinese Community in December. See the article in the Newsletter. We will be in full planning mode for Easter Tournament held in Dunedin next year. Planning for Chinese New Year Picnic and Dinner 

will be in full swing by December as well. Registrations for the Leadership Course in Auckland will be available soon.

Something that members should be aware of is our website. It contains the latest news and information on upcoming events and is easy to navigate and view photos with better definition. Please take the time to have a look. Website address: http://www.osca.org.nz

Please take advantage of your membership and involve yourself with our activities.

I hope to see you all at one of our events.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Linus Chin   (President)
President Otago-Southland Chinese Association 

August 2010

Greetings everyone.
I am pleased to announce that The Otago-Southland Chinese Association has one successful candidate in the NZCA Academic Awards in the NZCEA Level 1 category who will receive a cash award.
On another positive note one of our members was accepted to attend Dragon 100, an expenses paid leadership conference and workshop held in China. Because of our longstanding relationship with the Chinese government the invitation was made by the organizers of the event via the NZCA. This will be an amazing opportunity for the member who only has to pay to get to the venue with the cost of attending and activities paid for by the Chinese Government. I would estimate the cost at around 

$10,000.00 if this was paid for on a private basis.
The OSCA camp planned for August will be an opportunity for our younger members to participate in fun activities that encourage development of confidence, team building, lateral thinking, and leadership. We have found from experience that the members involved in this activity are well ahead of their peers with respect to their ability to think, plan, implement and work in teams to achieve goals. These skills will be valuable in the workplace and will encourage our younger members who attend the OSCA Camp to take positions of responsibility and recognition in the future. I will take this opportunity to thank the committee who helps organise and run the camp, in particular Frances Wong and the others from the youth committee.
I will also be accompanying the contingent of players who will attend the September Basketball Tournament. We are taking vans to Christchurch and hopefully will be able to compete well against Canterbury.

I was privileged enough to help represent OSCA at the NZCA AGM in Wellington, along with Adrian Thein (Dunedin) and Lin Zhao (Invercargill). You can see Adrian’s report later in the Newsletter. This year’s AGM also coincided with the 75th anniversary of the NZCA. We celebrated the occasion with a dinner with the Governor General and his wife at a Chinese restaurant. The OSCA also represents its members at a National level via it’s attendance at AGM and executive meetings.
As always the OSCA holds monthly meetings on the 1st Monday of every month. Some of you may wonder what we do at these meetings. In general we are planning ahead for some of the key events we do every year such as Chinese New Year Celebrations and dinner, Easter Tournament, August Camp, August Moon Dinner, September Basketball Tournament, Youth activities, Senior activities, and the various opportunities that come to us via our longstanding relationships with the Chinese and Taiwanese governments. Examples of these opportunities include travel opportunities, educational and cultural exchanges. In many instances the tours and exchanges are subsidized in some way so they represent a real opportunity to travel or attend conferences or courses.
Take the time to read the newsletter and I encourage you to take the opportunities available to members. As President I am keen for all our members to make the most of membership and investigate what we can offer. If you have a suggestion for an activity you wish OSCA to be involved in please contact a committee member or come to a meeting.

Linus Chin
President OSCA

May 2010

It seems a very short time since my first report as President back in February. The Otago-Southland Branch of the New Zealand Chinese Association has been busy with various sporting, social and community activities since then.
A contingent of enthusiastic competitors and supporters travelled to Wellington for the annual NZCA Easter Tournament. Our contingent competed in a number of sports, cultural, and social events. We did exceptionally well in the cultural events, winning 2 of the 3 categories and competed well in the sporting events, with some success in tennis.

I am proud to report that the contingent represented OSCA in a manner that was a credit to our Association, reflecting the spirit, commitment, competitiveness, leadership and organisational qualities that we value, and encourage in our sporting and cultural teams and their captains. It is great to see our younger members develop into adults with these skills through participation in the sports, cultural, and social activities of the Association.

Continuing on the sporting theme we have 2 basketball teams playing local competition this season. Their entry and registration fees have been subsidised by OSCA.

Chinese New Year Dinner was held at the Golden Harvest on the 15th February where our Lion Dance Team performed and the Sports committee ran a raffle. It was a great way to celebrate the New Year with approximately 170 people attending. Thank you very much to those who supported our event.

The Lion Dance Team had a busy Chinese New Year's with performances at the Art Gallery, Dunedin Chinese Gardens and the Dunedin Casino. They have just performed in Oamaru. The Lion Dance Team remains our main cultural activity with a high community profile. Again if you are interested in helping out please contact us. OSCA provides training and equipment and are always looking for new recruits!

OSCA was also present at the Otago University Clubs and Society Open Day during orientation week with our student members manning a stall to encourage new students to join the association. 24 new members was the result and OSCA also held a BBQ for the new members and 50 people attended. Welcome to those new members.

Chinese New Year Picnic was held at Brighton Domain with a reasonable turnout of people and good weather. The OSCA supplied sausages, burger patties and bread for those that attended and participation in the games that followed was enjoyed by all.

We were well represented in the Dragon Parade organised by the Dunedin City Council on the 27th February 2010 with a great turnout by OSCA parents and children joining the parade. Thanks to all those who participated in the festivities.

One of our student members attended a Leadership Development Conference held in Wellington part subsidised with a grant from the Association. Qualified speakers, most leaders in their fields from around New Zealand spoke to the delegates about leadership issues and workshops were offered at this conference. From all accounts, he found the course very worthwhile. 

Keep in mind that this is a benefit of membership and there are also other opportunities to attend other courses and travel opportunities as well. 
Speaking of travel, applications for the NZCA Winter Camp China Tour are available for members from OSCA. Deposits for the tour are required before 1st May 2010, with full payment required before 1st September 2010. Enquiries should be directed to a committee member as soon as possible since travel commences on 21st November 2010 through 24th December.

There is also a NZCA China trip being organised for later this year including a stop in Shanghai to take in the World Expo. 

This is a fully accompanied tour and will be of a high standard. Enquiries to a committee member.

Applications for the NZCA academic awards closed on the 20th April 2010 and a number of OSCA members prepared the paperwork required and will have the opportunity to win cash scholarships ranging from $250 to $750.

I also attended a meeting in Wellington in March to discuss the Ventnor project. The ship carrying the remains of 499 Chinese men to be returned to China sunk in 1902. A large proportion of these men died in the Otago goldfields and the Association feels it has a duty to represent these men in any proposed memorial project

Looking ahead the next NZCA AGM is to being held in Wellington in June. A delegation of 3 committee members will travel to Wellington to represent our branch. Some of you may not realise the role the association plays in national matters. 

Elsewhere in this newsletter is the NZCA President’s report which outlines some of the activities we are involved in on a national basis.

We are also looking forward to the South Island Basketball Tournament to be held in September in Christchurch as well as Easter Tournament in Dunedin next year. If you want to join, in I encourage you to contact one of the committee and find out how you can either help or compete.

Linus Chin
President OSCA

February 2010

As the newly elected President of the Otago Southland Chinese Association (OSCA) Branch of the New Zealand Chinese Association (NZCA) it is my privilege to introduce the newly elected committee members and provide a short report on our activities since the last newsletter.

OSCA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at our clubroom, on the 9th November 2009, where this year's Executive Officers were elected. Immediately following the AGM, the new committee was elected at the OSCA monthly meeting. It was pleasing to see that the majority of existing committee members volunteered once again, as well as a number of new committee members. I encourage anyone who feels they have something to offer to join the committee.

Congratulations to Teresa Chan, James Chin, Wayne Chin, Neville Hall, Catharine Kan, Glenda Kaan, David Lai,  Jean Lai,  Bronwyn Mitchell, Sin Phua, Peter Sew Hoy, Janice Sew Hoy, Karena Sew Hoy, Phillip Shum, Zhifa Sun, Adrian Thein, Davina Wong, Conrad Wong, Frances Wong, George Wong, Noleen Wong, Gordon Wong, Hector Wong, Nicolle Wong, Richard Wong, Jonathan Wu, Michael Young, and George Zhou for making  the commitment to help the OSCA do its work.

Congratulations also to Jim Wong, Xing Dong Yan, Margaret Young, and Lin Zhou, who will make up our enthusiastic sub-committee representatives from Invercargill.

Since the last newsletter we have had a Yum Char for our senior members which was attended by around 30 members. The OSCA Children's Christmas Picnic was sadly cancelled due to unsettled weather.

Looking ahead we will be selling tickets to the OSCA Chinese New Year's Dinner and planning for our annual OSCA Chinese New Year's picnic. These are always well attended so please contact a committee member if you want to attend any of these functions.

Planning is well advanced for the OSCA Easter Tournament contingent trip to Wellington. So if you wish to share in sports competition and social networking with other NZCA members from other centres please get in touch with any of the committee members. This is a fantastic opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make new friends and this is always a highlight in the Association’s calendar.

Youth activities will feature prominently in the coming year. We have well organised and motivated youth and children sub committees who are continually working on new projects for our members. We will have a miniball team competing in the local competition as well as teams competing in senior grades of basketball. There is also a September Basketball Tournament which is ideal for the younger members to participate in. We run a weekend camp later in the year for our high school/university members as well. Participants of the camp always look forward to this weekend with plenty of activities planned to fill the day and night!!

Throughout the year there are opportunities for our members to attend courses or events related to Chinese culture, Chinese heritage, teambuilding, and leadership. On offer are visits to China and Taipei (when available) for those members who qualify and wish to learn more about their Chinese heritage and culture. We offer Cantonese lessons at the Chinese School for members as well. Our youth are also involved in Lion Dance performances and have performed at various functions through the year and are scheduled to perform again at the Chinese New Year activities in the city soon. Academic scholarships are also available to those members who can qualify. We try to hold gatherings for our members as often as we can, with discounts given to members if there is a cost.

In the coming year I hope to carry on the great work done by the Past President and Committee and look forward to meeting many of you through the year.

Linus Chin
2014 12  主席






Translation by Jinya (Alexandra) Chen



在上一期的通讯稿件中我们向我们的新会员表达了诚挚的欢迎,同时我们也为我们最年长的委员的离开表示伤痛。我们悲痛的宣布委员会成员王乔治的夫人王Noleen于最近辞世,Noleen 一直倾力协助我们协会的事务和活动而在今后的会议和各种活动中我们也不会忘记Noleen。我代表全协会表达对Noleen 辞世的深切悲痛同时我们也为Noleen 一家祝福。






现在天⽓气已进⼊入寒冬,⼤大家竭⼒力呆在温暖的地⽅方,对篮球有兴趣的朋友可以去Edgar Centre参加⼀一周⼀一次的篮球的练习,我们也⾮非常地期待我们即将举办地新活动以此代替以前的南岛篮球锦标赛。我们也⾮非常期待⼋八月在Berwick举⾏行的宿营和⼋八月中秋节。


Linus Chin


Translation by Jinya (Alexandra) Chen




如果你是新成员的话可以登陆 OSCA 的facebook组要求加入。在facebook上我们会随时为我们的成员更新时事新闻,也希望成员们能留下你们的足迹,给我们写评论。
在此非常欢迎Keith Kelsall, Tara King, Kendall Chin, Cameron Young 和Natasha Wong 加入我们的委员会,也欢送Michael Ngan Kee. 感谢Michael 给与我

我们也欢送Dr Zhifa Sun,感谢Dr Zhifa Sun这么多年为我们委员会所作的贡献。感谢你一直以来负责我们与但尼丁中文学校之间的联络工作。我们的新委员会成员Keith Kelsall 将接替Dr 

我也特别感谢我们年轻的成员们为奥塔哥华人协会所做的积极贡献。为做好支持中华名族文化活动的工作,来自我们协会的八名学生无偿为但尼丁兰园新书发布会和Shanghai Yu 园林照片展提供所需要的饮食服务。
主席 Linus Chin

Translation by Jinya (Alexandra) Chen





谢谢那些这一年来支持我们活动的成员们。我们致力多开展团体活动并让成员们能够从中有所收获。看到有这么多人加入我们的活动中来我们由衷地开心并倍受鼓舞。我想在这里欢迎Victoria Lui加入我们的委员会来









另外请不要忘了支持我们在9月21日举行的中秋节晚宴. 如果有什么项目需要奥塔哥华人协会支持的话,请告知我们。我们对任何我们力所能及的都持开放态度. 

Linus Chin  
President OSCA  (奥塔哥华人协会会长)
Translation by Alexandra Chen





因为我们这群优秀的自愿者们,OSCA成功地为会员们举办了许多的活动。 志愿者们帮我们组织了基金筹集晚宴和其他一些有意义的活动, 例如 "照片的下午” 和饮茶。 通过者愿者团队的协助,另一群极具活力的年轻小

组成功组织了一系列的运动比赛, 成立了运动小组,社团,舞狮还有营会。 我们的 “南岛分支”由一个充满激情的自愿者协会管理运行, 而且我很确定这里有来自当地社区的志愿者们,而且这些志愿者们都在无偿的奉献自

己的时间和其他资源。 这些人是我们协会运作的核心和灵魂。拥有这样一群志愿者们,我们真地感到很幸运。

虽然我们大部分的活动都是针对当地人,可是我们是全国性民族组织(新西兰华人协会)的一部分。 根据我个人的理解,在新西兰我们是历史最悠久并且是唯一代表华人的全国性组织。 作为NZCA的一部分, 我们为OSCA提


NZCA 自行组织了一系列的活动和社团。包括 The NZCA Sports and Cultural Tournament (NZCA 运动与文化锦标赛), NZCA Chinese School Subsidy (NZCA 中文学

校补助),NZCA Academic Scholarships (NZCA 学术奖学金),NZCA Winter Camp (NZCA 冬季营会),Dragon100 (龙100), NZCA Leadership Development 

Camp (NZCA 领导力发展营会)。 成员们可以报名参加这些社团和活动(附申请条件)。 所以如果你身边有家人和朋友愿意参加OSCA的活动或者愿意加入我们的社团请与我们联系, 或者使用次通讯稿件中的申请表格



Translation by Alexandra Chen from the OSCA May 2013 Newsletter




新一年開始了, 我們可以趁此機會回顧過去和想一想我們的未來。同時,這也可以讓我們為來年訂立目標,我希望各位會跟我一樣期待這個新年將帶給我們的一切。我深信你會,因為有好幾個刺激的活動等待著我們參與。



第63屆New Zealand Chinese Association (Inc) Annual Sports Tournament將會在復活節期間於但尼丁舉行。要成功舉辦一個活動不是一件容易辦妥的事,相反,這是一份極具挑戰





我們在Golden Harvest舉行的農曆新年晚會,我希望再一次感謝所有曾經提供協助之幹事,以及一班出席的會員。我很高興當晚的籌募進行得比我所想的更加順利、更受歡迎。與此同時,當晚也是一個難得的機會讓我們


在Brighton Domain舉行的另一個受歡迎的活動──我們一年一度的旅行。很難得我們有機會聚首一堂,一起燒烤、玩遊戲,相信大家都玩得很開心,並且留下了很多難忘的回憶。其實我們當天可以玩得那麼忘形,真的是


此外,我也會見了Dave Cull及Malcolm Wong,討論了顧問所提供關於Dunedin Chinese Garden的意見,。我深信我們已經清楚表明我們的擔憂,因為沒有議員為Dunedin Chinese 

Garden 獨有的特色和價值去辯護, 相信現在他們會明白該意見令中國社會被邊化.

另一方面,2011 NZCA Academic Awards 已經開始接受報名。我們有部分會員已於此比賽創下歷史性的佳績,現在就登上我們的網址填寫申請表,加入成為我們的一分子吧!





好榮幸我再一次獲選為歐他哠修付崙華聯會的會長. 我希望我能夠達到各位對我身為主席的期望, 同時我十分期待下個充實的一年. 在此, 我充心感謝各委員對我的信心和支持.


2010-2011 的委員名單:

Adrian Thein (副會長 和 主席)

Michael Young (英文秘書)

Hector Wong and Wayne Chin (會計)

George Wong

Noleen Wong

Teresa Chan

James Chin

Gordon Wong

Sin Phua

Zhifa Sun

Phillip Shum

Frances Wong

Conrad Wong

Nicolle Wong

Jono Wu

Jim Wong (主席)

Philip Chan (副主席)

Penny Chan (中文祕書)

Lin Zhuo (會計)

Margaret Young (會計)

Lisa Bu

Dorothy Tan

Daniel Chang

Rose Zao

Hwai Heng

這次將會是2010年度最後的報告,在此我充心感謝所有委員, 他們的家人和朋友對osca所有活動的支持, 我覺得會員並不知道各委員重視OSCA的自願性工作多於他們自身及家庭的工作和責任.

本年osca舉辦了很多活動, 在此我感謝各會員的出席及支持. 同時我十分感謝會員在不同活動的幫忙.




飲茶 (年長的會員)





舞獅表演 (在DCC資助的活動)


University Clubs and Societies 開放日
























Poll Tax Heritage Application



南島中華籃球比賽 (幼年及青年組別)


大家可以見到每一個月都有不同的活動, 我十分希望能知道各位對OSCA今年及來年活動的意見及任何改善的地方.


我們將會為名會員在12月舉行聖誕聯歡會, 長情請留意本報的文章介紹. 我們現在也全力準備明年於但尼丁舉行的復活節運動會. 在12月的時候, 我們也會開始準備新年野餐及晚宴. 有關領袖課程的報名資料也快將


名會員也應該不時留意本會網站, 它提供了活動的最新消息及資訊, 同時會員也可以更容易欣賞到高質素的照片. 本會網站:








我很高興地宣佈有一名歐他哠修付崙華聯會的代表成功在NZCA 學術比賽的NZCEA 第1級別中獲得現金獎
另一個好消息是基於本會和中國政府長久的關係, 其中一名會員被活動創辦人透過NZCA選中參加一個在中國舉行名為 “龍100” 的領袖訓練課程. 對於該會員將會是一個難得的機會, 因為事次活動的大部分費用都

收到中國政府的資助, 參加者只需要資付前往目的地的費用. 我估計如非中國政府的大力資助, 事次活動的參加者將要資付大約 $10000.

歐他哠修付崙華聯會的宿營將會在8月舉行, 這是一個難得的機會讓年輕的會員參與一些有趣的活動, 從中可以鼓勵他們發展自信心, 團體合作精神, 多方面思考和領袖能力. 這些技能都會幫助參加這次活動的年輕會

員在將來工作中展現出負責任和自我認知的能力. 我在此向所有幫助這次宿營的委員表示感謝, 特別是Frances Wong 和一班年輕委員.
此外, 我將會帶領代表本會的球員出席9月在基督城舉行的籃球比賽, 我們將會駕駛輕型貨車前往當地. 希望我們對基督城籃球隊時能有好表現.
我獲給予足夠的權利代表歐他哠修付崙華聯會出席在威靈頓舉行的 NZCA AGM, 同行有 Adrian Thein (但尼丁) 和 Lin Zhao (英物卡吉爾). 你將會在本新聞信較後的位置看到 Adrian的報告

. 本次活動也包括了慶祝NZCA 75週年. 我們當晚在一間中國餐廳和政府官員及其妻子共進晚餐. 此外歐他哠修付崙華聯會也代表其會員出席了一個有關於AGM和管理的國家級會議.
同往常一樣, 歐他哠修付崙華聯會會在每一個月的第一個星期一舉行會議, 你們可能會對我們在會議中所做的事情感興趣.
平時我們會計劃一些重要的活動, 例如新年慶祝活動及晚餐, 復活節錦標賽, 8月宿營, 中秋晚飯, 9月籃球錦標賽, 年輕會員的活動和一些年資較深的會員的活動,另外因為我們和中國及台灣政府的長久關係,將會

有不同的機會提供給我們. 好像旅行, 教育和一些文化交流. 當中大部份的旅遊和交流都有不同的資助提供, 所以這些都是一些真正的機會去出席一些交流會或課程.
請用一些時間去閱讀新聞信, 我鼓勵你把握機會成為會員. 身為主席的我好希望所有會員一起討論我們可以提供什麼活動, 如果你有任何活動想歐他哠修付崙華聯會參與, 請聯絡任何一位委員或出席我們的會議.





OSCA還在奧塔哥大學開學典禮期間Clubs and Society開門的時候,我們的學生會員在那裡招募新學生加入。結果有24個新會員加入,我們還為新會員搞了BBQ活動,一共有50人參加。歡迎新會員的到來。
中國新年野餐在Brighton Domain 舉行,很多人來參加,而且天氣也很好。OSCA提供了香腸,漢堡和麵包,來參加的人還玩了遊戲,大家都玩的很高興。


接下來的NZCA 年度會議將在6月份在惠靈頓舉行。我們的分會將派出3名代表去惠靈頓參加會議。有些人還沒有意識到聯會是覆蓋到整個國家的。另外,報紙上還會報告其他地方聯會的一些活動。


2009年11月9日,OSCA 在俱樂部召開了年度會議,并選舉了新的行政工作者。緊接著年度會議,在OSCA月度會議上成立新的社團。很高興再一次看到一些原來的會員志願者,當然還有一些新的會員。我鼓勵每一個感興

祝賀Teresa Chan, James Chin, Wayne Chin, Neville Hall, Catharine Kan, Glenda Kaan, David Lai, Jean Lai, Bronwyn Mitchell, 

Sin Phua, Peter Sew Hoy, Janice Sew Hoy, Karena Sew Hoy, Phillip Shum, Zhifa Sun, Adrian Thein, Davina Wong, Conrad Wong, 

Frances Wong, George Wong, Noleen Wong, Gordon Wong, Hector Wong, Nicolle Wong, Richard Wong, Jonathan Wu, Michael Young, 

和 George Zhou 承擔義務為OSCA工作。
再次祝賀Jim Wong, Xing Dong Yan, Margaret Young, and Lin Zhou 負責我們在因沃卡格爾的分會。