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Past Reports from Peter Sew Hoy

Past President's Report
OSCA AGM 12th Nov 2007

At the start of my term as President I said I would only stand for three years. What I did not realize was how fast these three terms would pass. I have thoroughly enjoyed my role and thank the OSCA committee for their support.
OSCA has had a hugely successful year. Membership numbers continue to increase. The membership numbers are two and a half times more than when I first took over as President. I continue to get a lot of positive feedback on our Association’s efforts at the numerous activities we organize or participate in.

All this success has come from teamwork and I believe that my restructuring of the committee into smaller sub-committees responsible for various tasks or sectors of the Chinese Community has worked. Thank you to all my committee members, those who work behind the scenes to keep the branch and building administration matters operating smoothly and to those who organize and run cultural and sporting activities. Thank you also to those who spend countless hours dealing with the endless correspondence that comes in, those who write the minutes and those involved in writing, editing and producing our newsletters.

I know that many committee members spend long hours working very hard on various tasks and events for the benefit of the local Chinese community. Often their efforts are not recognized or acknowledged. Thank you again to this hard working group.
This is a list of some of the more significant activities OSCA has organized or been involved in over the past 12 months. It shows the dedication of the committee to the Chinese community and it is really a list of our successes that OSCA can be proud of.

  • I attended the official opening of Montecillo Home and Hospital (OSCA raised and gifted over $10,000 in 7/06 and as a result had a room named after our Association) 12/06
  • Combined Chinese School/OSCA Xmas Party
  • Lion Dance performance at Otago Art Society opening at new premises in Dunedin Railway Station
  • Lion Dance performance at Otago Childcare Centre
  • Lion Dance performance at Otago Museum
  • Lion Dance performances hourly at DCC Chinese New Year Celebrations in Octagon
  • Lion Dance performance at Dunedin Casino to celebrate Chinese New Year
  • OSCA Chinese New Year BBQ/picnic at Brighton Domain - over 160 people attended including the Chinese School which closed for the day to allow children and parents to attend
  • OSCA Chinese New Year dinner at the Asian Restaurant
  • OSCA stand at the Otago University Clubs and Societies Day to recruit new student members
  • OSCA committee members attended Invercargill Sub-Branch Chinese New Year lunch. Our Lion Dance team also performed
  • OSCA hosted the 59th NZCA Annual Sports Tournament and Cultural Production which was an overwhelming success with over 500 competitors and supporters attending. This was a huge effort from the organizing committee, sports controllers and OSCA committee (14 sports offered, 160 page magazine, website, opening ceremony with a cultural production, 9 social events, tournament conference, presentation ball and food stall with Chinese food)
  • OSCA executive committee and Dunedin Chinese Gardens Trust members invited by Deputy Prime Minister Dr Michael Cullen to dinner. Ministers Pete Hodgson, David Parker and David Benson-Pope were also present
  • OSCA Taieri Gorge Train trip - 60 attended
  • OSCA committee attended Zheng He - China’s Envoy of Peace exhibition at Otago Museum at the invitation of the Chinese Embassy
  • NZCA 2 day Conference in Wellington - NZCA congratulated OSCA on the superb running of the Dunedin Easter 2007 Tournament
  • OSCA post Easter tournament dinner and prize giving. Attended by over 90 people. Sports and Cultural Concert awards given as well as thank yous to the organizing committee
  • OSCA committee dinner at the Grand Star Restaurant
  • OSCA Dunedin Chinese Garden building site tour
  • OSCA arranged Miniball Fun Day at the Dunedin Chinese Language School - over 56 children attended from the school and community
  • OSCA gifts another $30,000 to the Dunedin Chinese Garden project recognizing that this project is very significant to the local Chinese Community. OSCA given $35,000 total to date
  • Banana Conference in Auckland - attended by 2 OSCA representatives
  • OSCA mixed social basketball team won their section in the local Dunedin competition
  • OSCA 3rd Annual Camp at Tirohanga. 29 students and 9 parents attended. 3 days of exciting activities, great food and fun. The Armed Offenders surprised us with a mock hostage situation
  • OSCA Men’s Basketball team in 3rd Division Finals
  • OSCA Men’s team won Asian University Students Basketball Tournament
  • OSCA August Moon Dinner at Blue Sky Restaurant - 110 attended. Nicolle Wong presented with prize for 1st placing in NZCA NCEA Level 1 Awards
  • South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament in Dunedin held at Edgar Stadium. OSCA hosted the Saturday night dinner and social evening with a lip sync competition and a magician performing. Over 190 attended the evening activities including 40 Shanghai workers who were in Dunedin constructing the Chinese Garden
  • Two lion dancers represented OSCA at a Lion Dance workshop in Christchurch
  • OSCA Garden Bus Tour starting with a tour of the Dunedin Chinese Garden, then 3 other city gardens and some time exploring the Otago Settlers Museum. Afternoon tea served. 46 attended
  • OSCA Ten Pin Bowling function – 43 bowlers and many more supporters.
OSCA continues to financially support the Chinese School Cantonese classes and the Chinese Dance group.

I am also thoroughly enjoying my role representing OSCA on the Dunedin Chinese Gardens Trust over the past three years. I am currently Deputy Chairman. It is hard to believe that Dunedin will have the only authentic Chinese Garden in the Southern Hemisphere and only one of three in the world outside China. This Garden will be symbolic of Chinese in Dunedin and Otago and something we will be all proud of. There has been a tremendous amount of work done behind the scenes bringing this Garden to reality.

The 2008 NZCA Easter Tournament will be in Auckland. Preparations are already well underway for an OSCA contingent to travel to Auckland.
Terence and Sue Wong left Invercargill at the end of April this year. They were instrumental in starting the Invercargill Sub-Branch and had a large input into running this for three years. They are now enjoying their new lives and jobs in Brisbane. I am very happy that the Sub-Branch has continued to run successfully under the new leadership of Jim Wong. The OSCA committee is very supportive of the Invercargill Sub-Branch.

As I stated right at the beginning of this report, I have truly enjoyed being President and part of a successful committee. I welcome Teresa Chan, the new President, and offer her my full support.

Thank You
Dr Peter Sew Hoy
The Otago & Southland Branch of the New Zealand
Chinese Association

August 2007

It has been only two months since my last report in the May newsletter but OSCA has remained busy despite the chilly weather!

The Taieri George Train trip on the 20th of May was a huge success with over sixty people attending.

The NZCA Annual Conference was held in Wellington in mid June with five OSCA committee members attending including myself. I have also written a more detailed report but the tone of the Conference was very positive and it was clear that all branches were behind promoting NZCA and its activities and making sure that NZCA retained its role as the leading Chinese organization in New Zealand.

The Dunedin Chinese Garden’s project is well underway with the Garden’s concrete foundations being nearly complete. A group of four Shanghai Construction and Decoration Company managers arrived about a month ago and they are setting things up for when fifty workers arrive to resurrect the pre fabricated buildings on site. The majority of the 150 containers of the buildings and rocks from Shanghai have also arrived.

The Chinese Garden’s project still requires about $400,000 to complete the funding. This is a unique project and one which the local Chinese will be proud of. I would really appreciate any further donations to the Chinese Gardens project. Please contact me if you would like to donate as I am a trustee of the project representing OSCA.

The continuing saga of the sinking of the ship the Ventnor in 1902, and its cargo of the remains of Chinese people who were returning to China for burial so their spirits/graves could be looked after by family, is also still under discussion. Please take time to read the interesting article on this and if you have any views on this matter then your feedback is welcomed.

Please look at the “Dates to Remember” section. The annual OSCA Camp is to be held at Tirohanga Camp on the 24th to 26th of August. This camp, no doubt like the previous camps, will be tremendous fun. Also the South Island Chinese Miniball and Basketball Tournament will be held in Dunedin on 22nd and 23rd of September. Think about coming out to play. There is also a very informative exhibition detailing the travels of Zheng He at the Otago Museum. This is presented by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in New Zealand and closes on the 12th August so make sure you do not miss this. The Bananas NZ Going Global Conference is to be held in Auckland on the 18th and 19th of August.

Maintenance work on the OSCA rooms has been underway since March. The exterior of the building and the roof have been painted. Repair work has been carried out on the gutterings and the verandah is being worked on at the moment.

Please continue to support OSCA with your membership. Membership allows you to join in with both OSCA and NZCA activities. Please renew your membership if you have not already as this was due on the 1st of April 2007. There is an application/renewal form on the back page of this newsletter. No further newsletters will be sent to you if you do not join.

Keep warm!

Dr Peter Sew Hoy
The Otago & Southland Branch of the New Zealand Chinese Association


OSCA 年会,2007 11 12







􀁺 我出席了Montecillo家庭醫院的正式開幕典禮(OSCA7/06集資捐獻了$10000並因此得到了一間房間的命名權)

􀁺 與中文學校聯合舉辦聖誕派對。


􀁺 在但尼丁火車站舉行的Otago藝術節的開幕儀式上進行舞獅表演。

􀁺 Otago孩童託管中心進行舞獅表演。

􀁺 Otago博物館進行舞獅表演。

􀁺 Octagon由但尼丁市政廳舉辦的中國新年晚會上進行了舞獅表演。

􀁺 在但尼丁賭場進行了舞獅表演以慶祝中國新年。

􀁺 OSCA的中國新年燒烤野餐會在Brighton Domain舉行——超過160人次參加了這次活動。中文學校還特地放假一天以便於學生和家長參加。

􀁺 OSCA中國新年年夜飯在亞洲餐廳舉行。

􀁺 OSCA在大學俱樂部以及社團活動中招收新的學生会員。

􀁺 OSCA的执委會成員參加了Invercargil分支會的中國新年午餐,我們的舞獅队進行了表演。


􀁺 OSCA承辦的第59屆全紐華人運動會獲得了壓倒性的成功。有超過500名的參賽者和支持者參加。這對於組織委員會、體育部門以及OSCA委員會來說是一项巨大的成就(14項體育活動、160頁的雜誌、網站、具有特色文化的開幕式、九項社交活動、運動會會議、演講舞會以及中國小吃)

􀁺 OSCA執委會會員以及中國花園基金會的成員被副總理

Michael Cullen先生邀請共進晚餐。部長Pete Hodgson先生, David Parker先生以及David Benson-Pope先生也同時出席。


􀁺 OSCATaieri峽穀火車環遊——60人參加。


􀁺 應中國大使館的邀請,OSCA協會全體執委會成员參加在Otago博物館舉行的鄭和——中國的和平使者展覽會。

􀁺 參加在惠靈頓舉行的NZCA兩天會議—— NZCA祝賀OSCA成功舉辦2007但尼丁復活節運動會。

􀁺 OSCA舉辦了復活節運動會慶賀晚餐並頒佈獎勵——超過90人參加。頒發了體育和文化音樂會獎,並同時給組委會頒發了感謝獎。


􀁺 OSCA委員會晚餐在Grand Star Restaurant舉行。

􀁺 OSCA組織遊覽但尼丁中國花園的工地。

􀁺 OSCA在但尼丁中文學校組織了Miniball Fun Day——來自各個學校和社區的、超過56名孩童參加。

􀁺 中國花園目對於當地的華人社區有著不可估量的意義,OSCA再次向但尼丁中國花園基金會捐贈了$30,000。到目前爲止,就這個目,OSCA總共已經提供了$35000的捐款。

􀁺 在奧克蘭舉行的Banana Conference —— 2OSCA代表出席。

􀁺 OSCA混合籃球隊在但尼丁當地賽區的比賽中勝出。

􀁺 OSCA第三屆野營活動在Tirohanga舉行。29名學生和9名家



􀁺 OSCA男子籃球隊打入了第三區決賽。

􀁺 OSCA男子隊奪得了亞洲大學生籃球錦標賽冠軍。

􀁺 OSCA八月中秋晚餐在Blue Sky餐廳舉行——共有110名成員參加。Nicole Wong榮獲NZCA NCEA Level 1一等獎。

􀁺 南島華人籃球邀請賽在但尼丁的Edgar體育館舉行。OSCA主辦了周六的晚宴和社交晚會。超過190名成員參加了此次活動,其中還包括了40名在但尼丁建造中國花園工程的上海工人。

􀁺 兩支舞獅隊代表OSCA在基督城參加了舞獅表演。


􀁺 OSCA花園巴士遊從但尼丁中國花園工地出發,經過了其它三個花園,最終在Otago博物館結束。期間大家還一起愉快地享用了午茶。一共有46名成員參加。

􀁺 OSCA舉行了Ten Pin保齡球社交會—— 43選手、加上更多的支持者參加。




TerenceSue Wong在今年四月底離開了Invercargill。他們在過去的三年中就Invercargill分支會開辦和運行投入了大量的精力。如今他們正非常愉快地享受他們在Brisbane的新生活和新工作。同時,我也非常高興得看到在Jim Wong的領導下,Invercargill分支會的工作依舊很成功且順利的開展著。OSCA委員會非常支持Invercargill分支會的工作。


成爲OSCA的會長以及OSCA執委會的一員。我非常歡迎Teresa Chan成爲OSCA的新任會長,並且將給予她全力的支持。


徐穎德 Peter Sew Hoy






5 20 日的The Taieri George 火車遊覽活動吸引了六十多個人參加。

全紐華人聯合總會年度會議 6 月中旬在惠靈頓召開。我和協會的其他5 位成員參加了這次大會。整個會議的氣氛很熱烈,可以看出,在新西蘭的各個分會都默默地開展各種活動並擴大全紐華人聯合總會的知名度,以保證全紐華人聯合總會在整個新西蘭的華人組織中起到領頭羊的作用。

但尼丁的中國花園項目進展得相當順利,地下部分的建造基本完畢。上海建築裝潢公司的4 位專案經理在一月前已經抵達但尼丁,正在為最後的拼裝做些前期的準備工作。50 位從上海來的技術工人將抵達但尼丁為這個項目在現場做最後的拼裝工作。一共有150 個裝載岩石和其他建築所需的材料的集裝箱需要運到但尼丁,其中大多數的集裝箱也已從上海順利運抵但尼丁。

這是一個獨特的、令華人們引以為自豪的工程。目前為止,整個中國花園專案的建造完成仍有大約$400,000 的資金缺口,我誠摯地邀請更多人能捐款給中國花園這個專案。假如您願意捐助任何款項,請與我聯繫,因為我是中國花園基金會的理事。

有關 1902 年的Ventnor 沉船事件仍在討論中,當時該船正將一些中國勞工的遺骸裝運回中國埋葬,以便讓死者魂歸故里,讓其親屬可以照顧他們的墓地和告慰他們的在天之靈。請抽空閱讀有關這方面的一些資料,如有什麼想法和建議,歡迎隨時回饋給我。

請關注“要記住的日期”一欄,8 24 日到26日在Tirohanga 舉行OSCA 一年一度的野營活動。毫無疑問,今年的野營活動將如同往年的一樣,充滿諸多的樂趣和歡樂。南島迷你球和籃球運動會將於9 22 日到23 日在但尼丁的舉行,歡迎大家踴躍參加。目前在奧塔哥博物館正舉辦著“鄭和下西洋”的展覽,這是由中華人民共和國駐新西蘭大使館舉辦的展覽,內容豐富,你參觀後肯定收益不少,展覽會將於8 12 日結束,望大家莫錯失良機。同時8 18 日到19 日這兩天裏,在奧克蘭將舉行The Bananas NZ GoingGlobal Conference 大會。

自從今年 3 月份以來,一直在對OSCA 的會議室做維護工作,大樓的外牆和屋頂已經油漆一新,目前大樓的雨水排灌系統和走廊的維修工作正在進行中。

請加入我們的協會,請支持OSCA。加入我們的協會能夠讓您不但參加OSCA 的活動,也可參加全紐華聯會舉辦的各項活動。如您尚未更新每年的會員申請表,敬請大家儘快更新,今年的更新日期從2007 4 1 日開始。在本期會刊的封底有會員更新/申請表。如您未參加我們的協會,我們將不再提供給你這份會刊。


徐穎德 Peter Sew Hoy