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Past Reports from Teresa Chan - Jan 2008 to Nov 2009

November 2009
Kia Ora everyone.
Our association has had a busy few months since my last quarterly message.  Our Youth sub-committee has been very busy with firstly, annual camp in August, then the South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament in September and finally the OSCA Dunedin Basketball Tournament in early October.  This year the organising sub-committee for the annual camp decided to have brand new activities for everything.  It was a lot of hard work by everyone involved but it paid off tremendously.  The a-cappella competition was a huge success.  I take my hat off to anyone who would even get up and sing let alone without supporting music.  Congratulations to the organising sub-committee and all their helpers. As usual many many people put in a huge amount of effort.  Thanks especially to those who went out to help even though they did not have children involved in the camp.

The Basketball tournament was again a success both in terms of numbers and in the fact that OSCA won the overall tournament trophy.  On Saturday night there was an a-cappella competition and dinner was served at the South Life Church with 193 people attending.

The following weekend the OSCA Dunedin Basketball Tournament was held and the OSCA team again won the final.

I would like to thank Henry Kuo who organised and ran the sporting part of the South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament as well as OSCA Dunedin Basketball Tournament. Sadly Henry is leaving our committee but his contribution over the last few years has been tremendous and his leadership has been inspiring to many of our younger members.

The OSCA Lion Dance team combined with the Invercargill Sub Branch Lion Dance team and had a weekend of training from lion dance masters, George and Evan Chan who came down from Christchurch.  Everyone was amazed and impressed with the skills and dedication of George and Evan.  The performance of the lion dance team at the August Moon dinner certainly showed off the new skills they had picked up from these masters.

Our August Moon dinner was held in early September.  We were pleased to have raised over $1,600.00 for the relief of the victims of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan.  Thank you for your support.

We will be holding our AGM on 9 November 2009 at 7.30pm at the Clubrooms.  Please come and join us at the meeting.  We have a great committee but new blood is always welcome.  See you there.

Teresa Chan

August 2009
Warm greetings to you from the Committee. There are a few events coming up in August and September which will help you get out of a long and cold winter.
For our younger members there is the Annual Camp in late August. This year’s organising committee has promised that the programme and activities will be brand new. I have no doubt it will still be a fun and most stimulating experience for all involved.
You can also look forward to our August Moon Dinner in early September this year (details within).
Some of you would have seen an interview with Peter Sew Hoy recently on Campbell Live on TV3 regarding the Ventnor. You will find an interesting report within this newsletter. I am pleased that Peter and Janice Sew Hoy can represent our association in the development of this project. This process will help to lay to rest the souls of those whose remains were never repatriated to China and connect us to that part of Chinese history in New Zealand.
Linus Chin, Lin Zhuo (from Invercargill sub-branch) and I attended the Annual Conference in late June. As usual, we had interesting debates and discussions at the conference. Of significance, is the question of whether we should call ourselves “Bananas” – this is in the context of the Auckland Branch organising the Banana Conference in the last couple of years. Some see this as not a positive thing and others see this as a measure of our maturity in terms of cultural identity. To me, being able to share thoughts on these issues and laugh at ourselves is a really good thing. I applaud the efforts of the Auckland Branch in organising the Banana Conference.  The Conference has just been this year but look out for next year’s programme.
Another item to look forward to is the NZCA Leadership Conference which will be held on 24 – 29 January 2010. Application forms will become available in September and I encourage all of the young members to approach the Youth Sub-Committee members if they are interested.
On 18 – 19 July, the new website for the Chinese Digital Community Space was launched. The site allows for sharing of information, stories and experiences in various forms – text, photos, videos etc. It is intended as a rich pool of Chinese resources and could be utilised as a research tool for family history enthusiasts. All information entered will be safely stored for future generations. Check it out at http://chinesecommunity.org.nz.
We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Camp or at the August Moon Dinner.
Teresa Chan

May 2009

We have just had a couple of months of very busy time especially with our Youth Sub-Committee organising the largest contingent going to Christchurch for the Easter Tournament this year. As usual all those who went had a really good time, played well and fair. This year we had over 130 players and supporters who went up to Christchurch and they played 11 sports during the weekend. This year, instead of Canterbury putting on a cultural concert themselves, they asked for entries from all the centres. We had an entry in each of the three categories and won all three categories. A team of enthusiastic miniballers and parents also travelled away. We are just so proud of everyone who participated and contributed to this huge effort. Big thanks to Janice Sew Hoy and Frances Wong for the countless hours they put into the organisation of this trip beforehand. Also thanks to Peter & Janice Sew Hoy, Frances Wong and Linus & Leanne Chin who spent the weekend driving everyone around and looking after everyone.
Malcolm Wong, Chairman of the Dunedin Chinese Gardens Trust gave us a very informative talk on the history and the background of the Chinese Gardens. All those who attended said it was a very worthwhile talk and they all learned something about the Chinese Gardens that they didn’t know.

In the latest newsletter you will find reports of our activities and events in the last couple of months but also really interesting up and coming events. Also remember this website is kept up to date. Do check in from time to time.  You will find additional features that have not or cannot be included in the newsletter e.g. more photos and videos. 

I wish you all a nice and warm Autumn and Winter.

Teresa Chan
Otago and Southland Branch

February 2009

Happy Pakeha and Chinese New Year. By the time you read this, we would have just celebrated Chinese New Year with a dinner at Asian Restaurant on 26 January.
Our Chinese New Year picnic scheduled for 1 February 2009 was postponed due to the extremely windy conditions and will be held at the Brighton Domain on February 15th instead.

Our website has been running since mid November and contains our upcoming events, miniball / basketball practice timetable, back issues of newsletters, Easter tournament updates and plenty of other information. The website will continue to grow.  If you have any ideas please contact Gordon Wong (via Contact Us) on our Committee who has kindly put the website together and keeps it up to date.

Our Youth Sub-Committee has been working towards Easter Tournament which will be held in Christchurch this year. If you want to find out more information, contact Janice Sew Hoy or Frances Wong on our Committee.

I have been listening to the National Radio 5-part documentary series about Chinese New Zealanders on Sunday afternoons, which was put together by Sonya Yee. It was heart warming to hear our own voices and our history on air. It is interesting to see we now have our first Chinese Minister in Parliament. Our National President Steven Young has just been invited to participate in a programme on Maori TV discussing the significance of Waitangi Day in New Zealand. The place of Chinese in New Zealand is changing – with us playing a stronger role as time goes on. Let’s embrace this change in 2009.

Teresa Chan

November 2008

Spring is well and truly here. We celebrated the opening of the Dunedin Chinese Gardens as well as the Emperor’s Dragons exhibition at the Otago Museum on 16 September 2008. Thanks to the Trustees of the Chinese Gardens Trust and all of those who have contributed in one way or another to make the Dunedin Chinese Gardens a reality as well as something we can be truly proud of.

As usual your committee has been working hard for you. Our Youth subcommittee ran the annual camp at Berwick in August 2008 with 36 campers and 9 visitors including some from Invercargill. I understand that the popular lip sync competition has reached another level with strobe lighting, fire torches as well as performances in the dark with special effects. There was even a radical hair cut to impress our judges who included our Mayor.

In September we sent nine teams up to the South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament in Christchurch and all involved had a good time.

Our lion dance team has also been active with their performances and is applying for funding for new lion dance equipment.

We congratulate Kevin Lo of our Invercargill Sub branch as well as William Sew Hoy of Dunedin who won NZCA Tertiary Scholarship Awards.

Our Invercargill sub branch paid a visit to Dunedin on 11 October to visit the Chinese Gardens and the exhibition from Shanghai Museum. Great to see a good turnout. The children were so taken by Discovery World at the Museum that they found it hard to leave at the end.

We are having our AGM on 3 November 2008 at 7.30pm. Come and join us to have your say, and to look forward to another fruitful year.

Teresa Chan

August 2008

As China prepared for the Olympics, it was gripped by a devastating earthquake in Sichuan. NZCA called for all the branches to raise funds towards the earthquake relief.

To date, we have received donations from OSCA members and members of the Dunedin Chinese School totalling $3,514 for the Appeal. As this goes to print, we are organising a fundraising dinner on 2 August.

We are also inspired by efforts of the Invercargill sub-branch. They organised a dinner which raised about $3,200. In addition, specific members of the sub-branch also organised a food stall outside the Countdown Supermarket on a weekend in early June which turned out to be the coldest weekend of the year. Another member organised a giant garage sale / sausage sizzle / raffle on the following weekend. These last two events raised around $6,500.00. It shows that hearts are warm down south regardless of what the temperature may be. Back to Dunedin, the Chinese Garden is now open to the public. It is a true symbol of the contribution that Chinese New Zealanders have made and can make to its community.

Our committee continues to work hard for you. The adults and elderly sub-committee organised a cooking demonstration in mid July which was enjoyed by all adults and children who attended. The children sub-committee organised a movie evening in late July for our children, with group discussions to follow led by those who attended the Leadership Conference earlier this year.
The youth-subcommittee is busy organising the annual camp in late August as well as a contingent to go up to the South Island Basketball tournament in Christchurch in late September. (See Details within) The lion dance team will be performing at the Arana Hall ball in early August.

At this year’s conference in June, there was a change in the National Executive. The new leadership has signalled a more active and leading role in public debates on issues affecting the Chinese community in New Zealand. With this being an election year, there will be little doubt that issues relating to Asians and Chinese will feature in political debates in the upcoming months.

As Chinese New Zealanders, we can contribute positively to such debates. I personally believe that we need to look at the whole picture in any debate, and our role in finding the solutions. I look forward to interesting times ahead.

Teresa Chan

May 2008

We had a busy time in the last few months especially with the Chinese New Year celebrations in February. We had our usual events including a dinner and a New Year picnic at Brighton Domain. The dinner provided a good opportunity for members of our Easter Tournament contingent to raise funds for their trip. They worked hard and were well rewarded for their efforts.

Our Lion Dance Team as usual performed at the Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Octagon in Dunedin on the eve of Chinese New Year. All members of the team put in over 40 hours of training and practice and their performances were well received by the Dunedin public as well as the Dunedin Casino where they performed at 1 o’clock the following morning. The Lion Dancer leaders were inspired by the training workshop they went to last year and came up with five different performances for the evening.

The Lion Dancers also travelled down to Invercargill to perform at the Chinese New Year Celebrations of our Invercargill Sub-Branch. A few of us travelled down also. We were moved and inspired by the warm welcome put on by the Invercargill Sub-Branch, even though it was a little bit windy and cold on the day. The Committee in Invercargill put on a huge feast for everyone and we all participated in the tug o war afterwards between Otago and Southland.

The 6 young members from Dunedin and Invercargill who went to the NZCA Leadership Conference came back hugely inspired and have been active in applying what they learned at the Conference ever since. It was certainly a worthwhile investment for us to have made in supporting our younger people in attending these events organised by NZCA. Our applause goes to NZCA for organising this Conference.

Our Children’s Subcommittee organised a Double Decker Egg Hunt at Kaikorai Valley College at the end of March. The children and adults who attended all had a great time. Great effort on the part of the organisers!

As Branch President, I attended my first NZCA Executive meeting in Wellington on 5 April 2008. I was pleased to hear that NZCA will launch its new logo in the next few months - keep an eye out for it on www.nzchinese.org.nz. NZCA has also voted to support the gift to the NZ Olympic team for 2008 Beijing Games and NZCA and all branches will have their names inscribed on the gift. This gift will sit outside the NZ team compound at Beijing and be presented to the Chinese Olympic Committee at the end of the games.

Our younger members had a great time at the Easter Tournament in Auckland. They made us proud by winning the Goodwill and Friendship Award again this year. I attended their last training session at the Edgar Centre before they went up and all of them were working hard. The most inspiring thing was to see the community and team spirit amongst them. It is certainly a good reminder to us that this is what our Association is all about.

Teresa Chan

January 2008

Happy New Year.

2007 was a very busy year for our Association. With great efforts from all the Committee especially the Youth Subcommittee, our branch organised a very successful Easter Tournament and many other events last year.
We have a strong and vibrant committee with subcommittees covering different areas of our Association and membership - building, newsletter, membership/social, children, youth and adult & elderly. This structure has been set up under the leadership of our immediate past-president Peter Sew Hoy who is now our Chairman.
I’d like to especially welcome those who recently joined the Children’s Subcommittee. We are grateful that as parents of young children you have found the time and energy to make your contribution.
Our Association is a somewhat different organisation from its former self 20 to 30 years ago. Many families have two working parents, and many children are more technologically capable than their parents. The makeup of our Committee reflect these changes – we now have more women and younger members on our Committee, as it is important for our Association to have their contribution.
This is your Association. If you feel you can contribute,
please give me a call.
I wish you a happy and prosperous 2008 year.
Join us at the following upcoming events:
  • Chinese New Year Dinner at the Nanking Palace Restaurant on Sat 9 Feb @ 7pm.
  • Chinese New Year picnic at Brighton Domain on Sun 10 Feb @12pm.
  • Easter Tournament in Auckland from Friday 21 to Tues 25 March.
Further details of these events are in this newsletter. See you there.

Teresa Chan
The Otago & Southland Branch of the New Zealand Chinese Association







我要感謝Henry Kuo組織和主持了兩次藍球比賽。Sadly Henry 將要離開華聯會了,幾年來,他都很努力為華聯會工作,他的領導能力激勵了很多年輕的成員。

George 和 Evan Chan 從基督城下來幫助OSCA的舞獅隊和Invercargill支會舞獅隊聯閤在週末進行排縯。George 和 Evan 對每一個人的付出的努力感到驚訝和感動。在8月中秋晚餐上,舞獅隊展現了從老師傅身上學到的新舞技。

我們的8月中秋晚餐在9月初舉行。我們很高興為臺灣臺風受難者募集了$1600款項。 感謝大傢的支持。




一些人可能已經看過電視3台Campbell Live關于Ventnor主題對Peter進行的採訪。我很高興Peter和Janice報告我們華聯會在這個主題上的進展。這個過程將幫助那些沒有被送回國內安葬的老華僑的靈魂得到安息,這也將我們和在新西蘭那一段華人歷史聯繫在了一起。
Linus Chin, 卓林(Invercargill華聯支會)和我出蓆了6月底的年度交流會議。跟往常一樣,在會上我們有有趣的討論和辯論。重要的是我們是否應該稱呼我們是“香蕉人”,這是前幾年奧克蘭分會在Banana Conference上一直討論的問題。有些人認為這不是一個褒義詞,另一些認為這是正確衡量我們的一種文化産物。對我而言,和大傢一起交流討論這個問題和笑談一下自己也是一件很好的事。我很讚賞奧克蘭分會組織的Banana Conference所得的成就。今年的Banana Conference剛剛結束,很期待明年的主題。
陳慕詩 Teresa Chan



 最近幾個月我們都很忙碌,尤其是為了青年小組最大的代錶團去基督城參加今年的復活節錦標賽。通常,所有去參加的人都有一個美好的時光,良好的髮揮和公平的比賽。今年我們一共有130個人(包括參賽者和陪同人員)去基督城參加了11個項目為期只有一個週末的比賽。今年,凱特伯雷自己舉辦了文化音樂會,他們邀請了所有的人參加。我們參加了三個不同的項目,並都獲得了獎項。Miniball隊員的傢長們為了助威也一起去了基督城。我們為每一個參加和組織,並獲得這次鉅大的成就的人感到自豪;同時也感謝Janice Sew Hoy and Frances Wong為這次的比賽付出了許多寶貴的時間;另外還要感謝Peter & Janice Sew Hoy, Frances Wong and Linus & Leanne Chin 在週末的時候開車載團隊的所有成員來回基督城,並且對他們的照顧和關懷。

但尼丁中國花園基金會的主蓆Malcolm Wong 給我們介紹了中國花園的歷史和揹景。所有參加的人都感到有很大的收獲,也都對中國花園有了新的認識。
有關于最近几個月的報道和活動將會在這一期的報紙中登出來,還有一些新的有趣的活動等着妳來參加。我們的網站也在髮展中,並且不斷的更新,謝謝Gordon Wong對此的努力。如果你想要知道新的消息,請隨時查看我們的網站。


陳慕詩 Teresa Chan




原先打算的2009年2月1日日到布赖顿 (Brighton) 地區慶祝中國新年的郊游,由于天氣不好,風很大,所以郊遊將推遲到2月15日。

我們已經設立了網站,妳可以在網上看到我們組織的各項活動,籃球練習時間表;以前出版的報紙;復活節旅遊信息;還有一些其他的相關信息。請查看我們的網阯 www.osca.org.nz. 網站還在陸續更新中,如果妳有好的主意請聯系 Gordon Wong ,他是負責網站建立和更新的。

我們的年輕小組已經計劃了今年復活節到基督城旅遊。如果有更多更詳細的信息,請聯系 Janice Sew Hoy 或者 Frances Wong。

在星期天下午,我聽到國內的收音機里有Sonya Yee 組織的第5部記錄片,講述關于新西蘭的華人。聽到這樣的聲音,我感到很溫煖。非常有趣的是看到第一個中國人加入了國會。國家黨主席 Steven Young 被毛利電視台邀請參加關于新西蘭成立的重要性的討論。中國人在新西蘭的地位已經得到了改變,我們將越來越有影響力。讓我們在2009年抓住這麼好的機會,一起发展。

Teresa Chan  主席







我们对但尼丁的William Sew Hoy和Invercargill分支会的Kevin Lo荣获纽西兰华联总会颁发的第三期奖学金表示热烈祝贺!



陳慕詩Teresa Chan






另外,在六月初的今年最冷的一個週末,他们分支會的一些會員在Countdown超市外面擺攤出售食物,在接下來的一個週末,另 外一個會員組織了一次大型的車庫裏舊貨出售(garage sale/烤香腸出售/抽彩出售活动,這兩次活動共募集到大約$6,500

 這些活動再次證明了不管南部的天氣如何,南部人民的心始終是 熱的。

現在讓我們再關注但尼丁,中國花園已經對外開放了,她的竣工標誌著新西蘭華人社會已经作出的巨大貢獻,并且將來還會繼續 不斷努力,作出更大的貢獻。

我們的委員會委員各盡所能 想方設法為大家服務。成人和老人在七月中旬組織了一次烹調展示會,讓參加這一展示會的大人和兒童都既飽眼福又口福。兒童組在7月下旬組織了觀看電影 的活動,隨後在今年年初參加領導者大會的代表帶領大家 進行了集討論

年組目前忙於準備組織八月尾舉行的年度野營活動,時他們正為參加基督城島籃球運動會而積極中(刊裏有介紹運動會的內容)。舞獅隊八月初在Arana Hall的舞會上參加表演



陳慕詩Teresa Chan




在過去的幾個月中,協會工作相當繁忙,二月份舉行的中國新年的慶祝活動还让我们记忆犹新。同以往的每一年一样,我們舉辦了新年會餐以及在Brighton Domain 的新年野餐活動。在會餐过程中,協會的復活節運動會參加者們趁此良机為他們參加運動會的旅行費用進行募捐活動。由于他們的積極努力,收穫不少。

舞獅隊在但尼丁八角廣場迎中國新年的除夕晚會上進行了表演。隊員們為了訓練,排練和表演總計花費了40 多小時,他們精彩的表现得到了但尼丁大眾的認可,同時他们第二天淩晨在但尼丁賭場的表演也獲得了大家的好評。舞獅隊的隊員們在去年參加培訓班後產生不少的靈感,獨自編排出五種形式各异的節目在晚會上表演。


支委會新年慶祝活動進行舞獅表演。我們幾個也一同前往,儘管那天天冷風大,但我們内心被Invercargill 支委會熱情款待而深深感動,倍觉温暖。支委會委員們為大家準備了豐盛的午宴。在午宴後我們都參加了奧塔哥對南部地區的拔河比賽。

六位來自但尼丁和Invercargill 的青年委員們,在參加紐西蘭華人聯合會舉辦的NZCA 領導者大會後,興致高昂,并積極地將他們在會議中所學到的知識学以致用于日常的工作中。我們也感受到支援年輕人參加NZCA 組織的這些活動很值得,我們對NZCA 組織這個大會鼓掌赞同。

我們的兒童支委會在三月底組織了雙層客車遊覽和在Kaikorai Valley College 找雞蛋活動。參加的兒童和大人們都度過了美好有趣的一天。感謝組織者付出的辛勤努力!我於 2008 4 5 日作為本會會長首次參加在惠靈頓舉行的NZCA 執委會的會議。我很高興地獲知NZCA 在幾個月後將啟用新的會徽, 請大家多多關注網站相關內容www.nzchinese.org.nz。在會上,NZCA 也表決同意將給參加2008年北京奧運會的新西蘭代表團贈送一份禮物,並會將每個分會的名字鐫刻在該禮物上。該禮物將矗立在北京奧運村新西蘭體育代表團住處外,並將在奧運會結束後轉贈給中國奧林匹克委員會。

我們的青年會員們在奧克蘭舉行的復活節運動會上表現出色,他們再次贏得了我們為之驕傲的公平友誼獎。我在他們出發之前去Edgar Centre 觀看了他們訓練。我不但看到了他們刻苦的訓練情形,更重要的是,我從他們身上看到了我們華人的精神風貌,看到了團隊的合作精神,所有這些折射的就是我們協會的精神和风貌。

陳慕詩Teresa Chan






2007 年是我們協會非常繁忙的一年,在執委會全體委員,尤其是青年支委會委員的努力工作下,我們成功地舉辦了復活節運動大會和許多其它的活動。


它屬下有大樓支委會、會刊支委會、社交支委會、兒童支委會、青年支委會和老年人支委會。該領導結構是在我們的前任會長、現任主席徐穎德Peter Sew Hoy 的領導下建立的。


20-30 年前相比,我們的協會與其前身多少有點不同:比如說,目前大多數都是雙職工的家庭;孩子們也比他們的父母輩更有能力。從我們協會的人員結構中也可以看出這種變化-我們執委會現在有更多的婦女和年輕委員,他們在協會中所到了重要的作用。


祝願大家在 2008 年快樂,心想事成。同時也希望大家能夠參加如下的活動:


二月十日中午十二點在 Brighton Domain的迎新春野餐會。




陳慕詩 Teresa Chan