Special Events
One Off Events
  1. DCC Dragon Parade 2010
  2. Movie Fund Raiser 2009
  3. Dancing - Two Left Feet 2009
  4. Dragon Boat Festival 2009
Adult and Elderly
  1. Chinese New Year Dinner 2014
  2. Chinese New Year Picnic 2014
  3. Chinese New Year Dinner 2013
  4. August Moon Dinner 2011
  5. Chinese New Year Dinner 2011
  6. Chinese New Year Picnic 2011
  7. Chinese New Year Dinner 2010
  8. Chinese New Year Picnic 2010
  9. Chinese New Year Picnic 2009
  10. August Moon Dinner 2009
Youth Events
  1. Annual Camp 2014
  2. Annual Youth Barbecue 2014
  3. Annual Camp 2013
  4. Annual Barbecue 2013
  5. Annual Camp 2012
  6. Annual Barbecue 2012
  7. Annual Camp 2011
  8. Youth BBQ 2010
  9. Annual Camp 2009
  10. Post Easter Party 2009
  11. Youth BBQ - 15 March 2009
  1. NZCA Easter Tournament 2014
  2. South Island Tournament 2013
  3. NZCA Easter Tournament 2013
  4. NZCA Easter Tournament 2012
  5. OSCA Asian Basketball Tournament 2011
  6. NZCA Easter Tournament 2011
  7. NZCA Easter Tournament 2010
  8. Queens’s Birthday Tournament 2009
  9. South Island Basketball Tournament 2009
  10. NZCA Easter Tournament 2009
  11. South Island Basketball 2008
  1. Christmas Picnic 2013
  2. Kids at Camp 2013
  3. Christmas Picnic 2012
  4. Kids at Camp 2012
  5. Christmas Picnic 2011
  6. Kids at Camp 2011
  7. Christmas Picnic 2010
  8. Kids at Camp 2010
  9. Kids/Students Bowling 2010
  10. Kids at Camp 2009
  11. Mid Winter Carnival 2009
  12. Christmas Picnic 2008
Local Sports Competitions
  1. Men's Div3 Champs 2012
  2. Men's and Mixed Basketball 2011
  3. Miniball - OSCA Bullets 2009
  4. Men's and Women's Basketball 2009
NZCA China Trips
  1. Winter Camp Trip Nov/Dec 2008

External Chinese Leadership Activities

  1. Dragon 100 2012 Hong Kong
Lion Dance - Dunedin Chinese Garden formal opening - 16 September 2008
Chinese cooking demonstration - OSCA rooms - 12 July 2008
Chinese  New Year Dinner - Asian Restaurant - 26 January 2009
Double Decker Bus and Easter Egg Hunt event - Kaikorai Valley College - 30 March 2008
OSCA team in Dunedin competition - 12 July 2008
OSCA camp - Berwick - 24 August 2008
OSCA boat at Emperor's Dragon Boat Festival - Custom House Quay, Otago Harbour - 6 February 2009
Chinese New Year Picnic - Brighton Domain - 15 February 2009
Serving the Chinese Community
The most important thing about OSCA is that we are here to serve the Chinese community.  Some things are serious but you can get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from taking part or even helping to organize activities.  It is important to note that the very hard working committee is a group of volunteers and no-one is paid.  So we do it for the love and no money.

OSCA organises a number of annual events as well as one-off activities each year.  In addition, OSCA members have opportunities to take part in many different activities organized by the New Zealand Chinese Association and also other organizations e.g. Rotary.  Many of these activities are subsidized and some even paid in full by OSCA or other organizations.

Each OSCA committee member is engaged in one or more subcommittees responsible for maintenance, organising events and representing OSCA at external events.  Please note that any member can represent OSCA at an external event – that person could be you!

The socials subcommittee organises the following annual events:
  • The Chinese New Year Dinner held close to or on the day of Chinese New Year.  This year (2010) the dinner was held on the following day at the Golden Harvest Restaurant.
  • Chinese New Year Picnic – our annual picnic has been held at the Brighton Domain for a number of years.
  • August Moon Dinner – held last year at Nanking Palace Restuarant.
The socials subcommittee also organizes one-off fund raising events e.g. in 2008 a dinner and auction to raise funds for the Sichuan earthquake fund was held at the Golden Harvest Restaurant with James Chin as the auctioneer.
Adult and Elderly
In the recent past the Adult and Elderly subcommittee has organized the following:
  • Taieri Gorge Train Trip – 20th May 2007
  • Cooking Demonstration at the OSCA rooms - 12 July 2008
  • Garden Tours
  • House of the Flying Daggers movie – OSCA Clubrooms 25 May 2008
  • Summer Social Yum Char - Golden Harvest Restaurant - 6 December 2009
They have over the last 2 years or more tried valiantly to organize a mah-jong evening but haven’t been able to get enough people together on any given day.  It just goes to show our elderly members keep themselves pretty busy.
The children’s subcommittee gathered momentum in 2008  when a keen group of parents of younger children were enlisted.  Since then they have organised three events principally for younger children.  However their aim is to accommodate a larger age group.  In June 2009, they organised participation of at Lantern Parade during the Winter Carnival.
  • Double Decker Bus/Easter Egg Hunt – March 2008
  • Mulan - Leadership Event - July 2008
  • Children’s Christmas Picnic - November 2008
  • Mid Winter Carnival - June 2009
  • An afternoon/evening at Annual Camp - August 2009
  • Christmas Picnic - was to be held in November 2009, but cancelled because of very cold weather.

The busiest subcommittee by far is youth.

Annual events:
  • Camp in August– Since 2005 annual camps have been held at Tirohanga or Berwick.  To be at Tirohanga in 2009
  • OSCA’s contingent at the NZCA Chinese Sports Tournament aka “The Easter Tournament”.
  • The Easter tournament is organized by OSCA in Dunedin within a four year cycle.  The next tournament in Dunedin will be in 2011. The tournament in 2010 will be in Wellington.
  • Miniball and Basketball practices for 3 terms
  • The South Island Basketball Tournament – alternating between Dunedin and Christchurch.  Dunedin hosted the tournament in 2009.
  • OSCA basketball teams playing in Dunedin club competitions
  • OSCA/OUTSA Dunedin Basketball Tournament – a  tournament for Dunedin Asian basketball teams
  • Lion dance training and performances
One-off events:
  • OSCA kids 10 pin bowling Nov 2007
  • OSCA Bus Trip to Lawrence – Goldfields 13 March 2005
  • Singstar Night – OSCA Club Rooms 18 June 2005
  • Macraes Goldmine / Seyip Chinese Camp Bus Trip – 12 March 2006 – led by Dr James Ng
  • OSCA team entered in the Dragon Boat Festival organized by The Otago Museum in 2009.
Sending representatives to conferences and tours:
  • Banana (NZ Chinese Identity) Conferences
  • NZCA Leadership and Development Conferences – an annual conference held in January
  • NZCA Guangdong Winter Camp and China Tours
One Off Events
OSCA is often invited to participate in one off events. The first event in 2009 was the Dragon Boat Festival organized by The Otago Museum.
The Annual General Meeting to elect a new committee is held on the first Monday in November of each year.  Senior positions include:
  • President
  • Chairman
  • English Secretary
  • Chinese Secretary
  • Treasurer
And various sub-committees.
Festival Procession
During the 1980s and 1990s OSCA participated with great success in the Dunedin Festival Procession held each year in February.
  • 1985 – first time we entered a float which was hastily built
  • 1986 – 1st Historic Section - the first appearance of our papier mâché/chicken wire constructed dragon head
  • 1993 – 1st Historic Section and Champion of Champions
  • 1994 – 1st Historic Section
  • 1998 – participated in the 150th Anniversary Procession
  • 1999 - 4th place out of 120 - March
DCC Chinese New Year
OSCA has participated in this event ever since its inception in 2000 by performing Chinese dance performances and lion dance performances throughout the evening.

Dunedin Chinese School and Dance Group
OSCA subsidises the Dunedin Chinese School Cantonese classes and the Chinese Dance group