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Camp 2008 Berwick

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th August 2008
By Colin Chin

What was really good about the OSCA camp was that it was for people to socialize and to build closer relationships with their peers.
The activities done at camp involved everyone as a team. If you were not doing an activity you had plenty of opportunity to talk and chat with your friends and mix with other age groups (High school, University & adults) We were lucky to have two people from Invercargill at our camp as well. The camp built closer bonds between the Chinese in Dunedin and also with the Southland region.
One of the most enjoyable activities at camp for me would have to be the lip-sync competition. I would recommend you watch them…..because they were just out of this world! The effort and practice that the teams put in showed off and even I definitely enjoyed taking part in it.

Not any time of the day was boring….from the day activities to the night activities. It was full on fun….from having big water fights to the midnight treasure hunt!

I would like to say “Thanks” to the cooks for the fantastic food!!! There is nothing better than a home cooked meal and that was provided all weekend by the great team in the kitchen. Also thank you very much to Frances Wong and Janice Sew Hoy and all the helpers for organizing a fantastic camp. Everything was well organized and couldn’t have been any better. 
Out of 5, I would definitely say a 5+.

Saturday 20th September

OSCA campers gathered together to re-live Berwick camp moments…………..and to have more fun! 
Dunking for apples and a Singstar Battle were highlights of the evening!