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Camp 2015 - Berwick

Berwick Camp, Friday 21 August to Sunday 23rd August by Nadine King and Sam Ng

OSCA Camp 2015 was an experience like no other. Everyone had been allocated a driver who was to take them to Berwick Campground. It began with a Chinese feast that we couldn’t turn down as it was not your typical hall meal. After dinner Brit had told everyone their sock game partners which was a traditional game which OSCA had played. Sam, Celine and I were appointed to organise the ice-breakers before the camp which would help the participants bond and get to know each other better. Games such as bang, Evolution paper scissors rock and balloon tag were effective help in bringing people together knowing OSCA’s competitiveness. After the ice-breakers had finished (around 10pm) the first organised activity was set where we were split into groups of three. Each individual was ridden of a sense (vision, hearing & speech) and taken through activities which tested the overall teams trust in each other. In the second part of the activity every member was blind folded and lead around the campground to an unknown location. Our blind folds were then removed and were given debrief of the next game. The game was spotlight and the objective was to get to the otherwise and retrieve a red flag; little did we realise that we were about to enter a freezing cold swamp which felt never ending. We had hot chocolate and went to bed.

On the Saturday morning we were woken by the classic sound of a horn, welcoming us into a classic breakkie, of toast, cereal, and milo. As we huddled around “Evan” giving us the low down on the day’s schedule and splitting us into two groups for the first tasks – abseiling and kayaking. With abseiling being a first for some, our adrenaline was at a peak until that drop of the stomach whilst leaning over the edge of the cliff as he said “Lean a little further back”, “It’s fine keeping going”. Kayaking was just as much of a hoot with the challenge of the baby boat, kayaking through the icy lake, and following the scenic route. After we had finished the two morning activities, we then had the opportunity to be a passenger in a go-kart but unfortunately only a few of the boys got the opportunity as the quad bike pulling the go-kart broke down. Before we knew it, we were all commando crawling through the trenches of Berwick camp, doing push ups in the mud puddles some were only just go-carting through, and racing through the shoulder high mud pool. After hosing ourselves down with the ice cold fire hose we were straight into hectic lip-sync practices along with fighting for the vital rehearsal times in the main space. With these lip-syncs having been weeks of hard work and a $100 Wok Fusion voucher on the line– everyone only had eyes for gold. But just before we fought for the mega prize we were faced with yet another challenge, OSCA’s very own MKR. With dinner ready to be gobbled up, everyone was frantically panicking as show time was coming close and the audience was filling up as family, friends, and fellow OSCA members piled in. Laughter and applauses filled the Berwick Camp site as the 4 assigned lip-sync groups took the stage, along with a surprising judge’s performance, to their allocated emotions: joy, jealousy (the champions), fear, and sadness. With the next night game just around the corner, we knew we were in for a long and horrifying night. The mystery game had the aim of finding who the traitors of OSCA were, however this didn’t go to plan as trust was limited with the right people, and in excess with the wrong. Eventually the game came to an end with us failing royally, we were spared of any punishments, and we all redeemed ourselves with sauna, movie, and sleep.

The last day of OSCA camp rocked around with the confidence course in sights, everyone was rearing to be put to the test of the high and low activities. Once our confidence was up we were then allocated chores by means of winning dodgeball. Basically the whole day was revolved around cleaning and making the camp site just as I was when we arrived. We had one final challenge just for the rookies; a run up the hill to find Gary’s burnt shoes. Sam won the pride of being first up the hill and finding the burnt shoe.  The $20 prize was kindly sponsored by Aunty Lee and Aunty Frances.  So, this lead on to our last meal at our home for the past few days and our separation from what was a very successful and eventful OSCA camp.

Thanks to the OSCA Youth Committee for organising the activities and Lipsync Competition, Auntie Lee for being head chef and cooking us some wonderful meals, Jasmine, Sally, Mike & Alison who helped in the kitchen, Colin for being MC at the lipsync competition and Keith and James who helped with the Kayaking event.  We also acknowledge the generosity of Wok Fusion who sponsored the prize for the Lipsync competition.