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OSCA Annual Weekend Camp 2009 at Tirohanga

By Jono Wu & Pat Truong 
Tirohanga - Friday 28th - Sunday 30th August 2009
On a cold winter night, a group of Uni and High School students headed out for a weekend camp at Tirohanga. Everyone arrived at camp before 7.30pm, but like every year we all had to wait for someone to arrive before the fun could start……that person this year was Regan, no I mean Colin, no Regan………… I don’t even know - they both looked the same!
The camp started off with a nice BBQ, where Peter showed us his good old scarfie cooking with burnt chicken.  The night then unfolded with numerous fun games and quizzes. Later that night we also saw everyone’s acting skills in our own re-take on horror movies.
On Saturday everyone woke up with a bit of nervousness in their tummies, because the main event was on that night. However firstly the day started with some really yummy breakfast and then off we went in search of clues and completed challenging tasks in the morning’s event: “The Amazing Race.” After that very exhausting event we learnt some awesome hip-hop dance moves so that we can battle Ashlyn Monk and Brittany Wong next time we see them. Other also perfected their salsa moves. Nerves started to show when everyone was wandering around the camp helplessly waiting for the a-cappella to start. To open the evening we were treated by two guest performers:  our miniballers singing the National Anthem and Mr. Gordon Wong and company singing Billie Jean.  Then it was time.  It was BUSINESS time!  In previous years we did lip sync challenges between the students, but everyone had mastered the skills of acting out their favourite singers. So this year we were challenged to do something out of our comfort zone. As the event went on, we all got to see a side of Boris Ma we never thought we would see. Boris came out in a sexy little pink dress singing a Chinese classic from Teresa Teng. Everyone tried their hardest, but in the end Team “Just Do It” (Pat, Colin, Lil, Lisa and Matt) came out on top with amazing vocals.
By Sunday afternoon everyone was exhausted and tired from the lack of sleep from the previous two late nights. The camp concluded with a few activities which included a cream and cheese ball make over plus a panty run.
We feel that these camps get better and better every year.  We would also like to thank Janice, Frances, Peter, Jean, Susan and Sin and all the other parents who came out to make the weekend an unforgettable experience.
THANKS!…………………can’t wait till next year
By Gordon Wong
A bunch of OSCA primary school kids from Dunedin and Oamaru with parents in tow, accepted an invitation to visit the OSCA youth camp at Tirohanga on Saturday 29th August.  It was a really worthwhile experience with the kids trying out the confidence course, wall climbing and numerous games.  At first, the kids took a naturally individualist approach, but given the nature of the activities, they were forced to work as a team and eventually achieved tasks no-one, least of all the parents would’ve expected of the wee nippers.

Wall climbing was the activity that changed everything.  After clambering over the first wall, the intermediate wall was obviously too high even for the tallest of the kids to climb unassisted.  After several individual attempts doomed to fail, the older kids took charge and eventually, with a bit of kidault help, all of the kids got over the wall.  Fantastic!
We had a marvellous dinner and the kids opened the evening’s entertainment with our bilingual national anthem and joined Gordon for boom boom cha’s and ‘Billie Jean’ before settling down to enjoy the wildly imaginative a-cappella competition.
Thanks to Janice and Frances for the invitation and to Mel, Michael and Nigel (stepping into the TARDIS to transform from Auk to OSCA for an instant), who were particularly good at getting the kids to participate and think through how to achieve the tasks at hand.