OSCA Kids at Camp

By Gordon Wong
Berwick Camp - Saturday 31 August 2013

For the fifth year in succession, the OSCA miniballers (Primary and Intermediate) kids were invited to the OSCA camp for a Saturday afternoon and evening, this time at Berwick bathed in glorious sunshine. 

Numbers were down this year but that didn’t stop the kids having a fantastic time. I recall from our previous visit here in 2010 that the confidence course is meant for older kids.  However, our primary and intermediate kids had no fears, having a go at negotiating all parts of the course with probably greater ease than most adults. Some of the parents also joined in up the top of the netting to offer encouragement to ensure kids got down unaided.

A highlight was the pond/lake. After a bit of a trek I picked up some oars from David for the dinghy. A couple of keen parents (Si and myself) took our kids for a row, in my case Matthew and Katie did the rowing for their two trips, while I supervised over the arguments. Sean sat back and enjoyed the ride and Si helped his two have a go at rowing. Marvellous serenity on the water.

Thanks to Keith and friends, Catharine and cousins, Aurora and family, James with his boys and of course my super reliable family for a great time. Lastly thanks very much for the efforts of Frances, Jean, Lee and their band of hard working helpers from the committee.