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OSCA Camp 2010 - Berwick

Camp Report

27-29 August 2010
By Andrew Wong

To be honest, I was expecting a quiet weekend at OSCA camp. It had been a very long week; I was tired and had assumed that the camp would be a nice little get away, maybe with a campfire or two with some marshmallows thrown in with some sing-a-longs. So, with only one pair of shoes, no wet weather clothing and only four pairs of socks all messily packed in my bag, I was off to my first OSCA camp. Little did I know that I was diving into an unforgettable weekend, prepared for an adventure but completely unprepared for the conditions.  

The first thing that I have to praise about the camp is the food. Being a male student, living in an all male flat, my diet is not exactly what people would call balanced and healthy. Therefore, one of the best parts of the camp was the food, it was AMAZING!!!!

A lot of effort goes into organising OSCA camp and this was made evident by all the activities available. These activities include some foot-licking fetish challenges, being reminded how unfit I was by being chased all around the campground; zumba, lion dance training, lip sync, kayaking circuits and midnight scavenger hunts and punishments. 

My favourite activity was lip sync and the most eventful was the midnight scavenger hunt. Prior to camp, we were arranged into groups and given a little more than a week to come up with a routine for lip sync; it was a challenge but it was an enjoyable challenge. The most memorable thing that happened to me was walking 30 minutes up a hill in the dark, the good news was that we reached the top of the hill, the bad news was that we were lost, in the dark. 

Thanks to our cooks, Delvin & Lisa Chin who travelled to Berwick every day to cook the superb and delicious meals.  101 people turned up for the Saturday dinner so we also appreciated the help of Paul Cockcroft on Saturday afternoon.  It was also great to see the miniball kids and their families at camp.  Thanks to Karena Sew Hoy for organising the kids activities
Special thanks also to Sue Sew Hoy, Linus & Lee and Frances who helped to organise and supervise the overall weekend.  Thanks also to the OSCA Youth committee and the many other students responsible for the camp activities as you have all contributed to the success of the weekend.
In conclusion, OSCA camp is an event that should not be missed, you have a great time, there is great food and best of all you meet some awesome people.

By Gordon Wong
The OSCA primary and intermediate school children were invited to spend Saturday 28th August at the OSCA camp at Berwick.  Many thanks to Karena Sew Hoy, Sue Chin and Julie Hall for running activities, keeping the kids very busy.  The kids had a great time and the parents had a nice quiet time away with no cellphone coverage!  Thanks also to Delvin and Lisa Chin and Paul Cockcroft for the hearty dinner.
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