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OSCA Hunger Games Camp 2012

By Nicolle Wong

Friday 31 August – Sunday 1 September

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In celebration of our 8th annual OSCA Camp, this year’s event featured the theme of ‘Hunger Games’, a popular movie about children fighting and competing against each other for their districts. We ran along this theme throughout camp, forming so called ‘districts’ which would then work together throughout the weekend in challenges, and gain points to work towards the final ‘fight until death’ where one team shall be crowned district winners. 

And so it started on Friday 31st August, 30 troopers started off their evening with a steamboat for dinner. Not the traditional camp food such as a BBQ or sloppy joe’s, but with fish balls, prawns, dumplings. Never expect anything less than amazing when it comes to food at OSCA Camps! To start off the events, we held an Opening Ceremony where Lisa Ung dressed as Effie Trinket, the host from the movie and interviewed the districts, and showed the impressive trailers made from each of the districts.

A general knowledge quiz was the next event for the night, prepared by one of the camp dads, Colin Wong, which ended up being a hilarious affair with everyone’s competitive sides coming out. Congrats to the Earth District for becoming winners of the Hunger Games Quiz!

The first major night event began with water balloon and egg throwing at one another in a series of mini challenges in the ‘Hunger Games Arena’. Districts were split and asked to compete against each other in racing to pick jelly beans from cereal filled bowls with their mouths, play capture the water eggs, and other mini games which ended in people getting wet and covered in flour, cereal and eggs. 
The beginning of Saturday morning started off with everyone leaving camp to head to Edgar Sports Centre and support our OSCA boys play in the final of the Div 3 basketball competition. After having several intensely close games previously played against the opponents during the season, the boys had a sound victory, which gave everyone a lot to cheer about.

Back at camp, camp mum Aunty Lee sacrificed the game to stay and make baos and jook for our lunch when we got back. On Saturday afternoon, around 20 mini-ball kids and 14 parents came out to the camp and joined us in watching a magician show. While they continued into the outdoors to play games, our districts got together and prepared for what would be the most anticipated event of the camp, the OSCA Lipsync Competition. Dinner as always, was delicious, consisting of Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks, Ham on the bone, pumpkin bake, peas, roast potatoes and salad.  It was topped off with sticky date pudding, jelly and icecream for dessert and the whole dinner was enjoyed by 80 people, including campers, hekpers,  mini-ball kids and their parents.

And then began the moment everyone had been waiting for, the annual lipsync competition where stripping was now standard. The districts were asked to base their lipsync songs on their district themes- fire, wind, water and earth. Congratulations go to the water district for first place, followed by the fire district in second place. Thank you to the judges, Patrick Truong, Jono Wu, Lisa Ung and Samantha Wong –we hope you guys weren’t too scarred for life..

The final events of the night were the Hunger Games auction and night event from which the points earned throughout the weekend had all gone towards. Districts could bid for items based on their points, not knowing whether they would actually be useful for the challenge, whether it be ponchos, shower caps, hand cuffs or umbrellas. The night event consisted of an outdoor ‘hide and seek’ game, where the hiding team would also have a challenge to complete at the same time. There was water balloon throwing, climbing up trees and extreme sprinting from people and tackling from all which resulted in the Water District being crowned Hunger Games Winners.

As always, campers always look forward to the bonfire at Tirohanga Camp, which this year was a bit of a disappointment after failing to get it started for a solid hour. This didn’t get peoples’ moods down however and we returned indoors at 1am for hot milos and oven cooked sausages and leftovers. As the last night progressed, late night card games and pranks were played (mostly failed pranks, resulting in the prank turning on the ‘prank’ers, and little sleep as usual occurred.

The last day consisted of cleaning up the millions of eggshells scattered around the camp and shrugging off our tiredness for the last couple of hours. Overall everyone had a fantastic weekend, with the highlights being the food, company and the laughs. A huge thank you must go to the camp parents, Frances Wong, Lee and Linus Chin for organizing the camp which  never lets us down as being a success every year. Planning goes into the camps months beforehand with food, transport and activities, so on behalf on the campers, we all really appreciate the work done! 
Special mention must also go to Colin Wong for organizing the quiz and being MC for the lipsync competition.  Also thanks to Lisa Ung, Konrad Hansen and Boris Ma for organizing the night games.
We also appreciated help in the kitchen from Becky & Frank Burton, Sue & Robin Sew Hoy, Phil Shum, Christine Wong, Sin & Susan Phua, Jasmine Chin and Samantha Wong.  Special thanks to John Barton for donating his time for his incredible magic show.

We were also fortunate to have two Aucklanders attend camp this year.  Jono Wu and Sharrayah Temita flew down to Dunedin to attend our camp and we thoroughly enjoyed their presence.

On a personal note, having been to all 8 camps, and the 2012 camp being my last, I have immensely enjoyed the camp, as I do with all of them. They’re filled with a lot of laughter and everyone gets to know each other on a closer level than just during basketball practices every Sunday. I will miss the people most of all in OSCA.

Throughout the years I have learnt a lot from OSCA, in experience through activities and learning from other OSCA people themselves, and I would like to say thank you, which cannot remotely describe how much I appreciate what I have gotten out of OSCA throughout the years. Keep up the OSCA events and the close friendships- they may become lifelong friendships like they have for me.

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