Kids at Camp 2012

By Gordon Wong

The OSCA Primary and Intermediate School aged kids (referred to as miniball kids, although not all play miniball) were once again invited to spend an afternoon and evening at the OSCA camp. Turnout was good with 23 children and 13 parents tagging along.

The afternoon began with a very entertaining magic show by John Barton a local friend of OSCA.  Magic shows may only be a hobby for John, but most of us have no idea how he performed his many tricks.. “how did he do that?” Thanks for the great show John.

As soon as the show finished the kids raced outside and essentially decided to take on the activities that Tirohanga provides by themselves.  We (the parents) just kept an eye on them, to make sure they were safe.

The activities:
  • Confidence course
  • Team climbing walls – small, medium.  Great teamwork getting over the medium wall.  Many attempted to get up the high wall, but it proved far too much.
  • Some scaled the individual climbing wall.
  • The creek was a major attraction, catching “yabbies” (little lobsters) and generally getting a bit wet
At 6.30pm we had a very hearty OSCA camp dinner followed by the students providing 4 very entertaining and slightly risqué lipsyncing acts.  In between, the kids managed to keep everyone on their toes with water pistols.

Thanks to Frances for organising camp and her regular team of helpers who come out every year to do the cooking and cleaning.