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Tirohanga OSCA Camp 2011

By Thomas Ding
22-28 August 2011

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Yep, it was that time of the year again- time for another highly anticipated OSCA Youth Camp with the same old fun involved but this time, with all new antics and gawking games in stall for the 2011 campers. This year, camp was held at Tirohanga, all with its very own amazing bush hideaway, walking track, stream and woods. This setting served us as our home, a war field, an obstacle course, a sock-tag arena and of course, as well as Hogwarts for the wild weekend that lay ahead.

The 3 day camp began with a (well…several) ‘bangs’, which then progressed into Rayah’s favourite game of Marco Polo, and then into a hefty game of real-life Mafia. (How they got rid of the mafia that early I will never know.) Muddy and wet we became with an epic ‘capture the flag’ tournament afterwards, which gave rise to classic quotes such as “where is the flag? Where is it?” and  “no contact no contact”…not to mention a surprise guest appearance from a local gorilla which scared the bee-jee-bas out of Nina. Concluding the night, we toasted marshmellows around a raging bonfire, singing to Yi’s mesmerising music, till all of the distant Dunedin nights dimmed, and Aunty Jean’s  char sew baos were ready. Om nom nom nom.

Saturday was filled with an OSCA camp team race across a confidence course which posed no threat to a confident Mikey. Basketball and other commitments for some of the campers lowered the numbers of the team left on site after lunch; giving a lucky five of us an opportunity to climb and trek the Tirohanga hills, whilst finding ‘battle weapons’ on the way. Great mace Jim. A break was in order after this, and a lesson in how to bake/fry (whatever..) Chinese donuts was definitely a good way to spend it. Before we knew it, miniballers and the OSCA community were down to say hey, and joined us in the late afternoon to listen to a panel of renowned speakers, discussing “living in NZ as a Chinese”.  Dinner for a grand total of 69 was joined by a cast of Harry Potter characters, in an epic themed evening, which was followed by our annual performance competition, this year the theme being: “music-video-imitations”. Heads up goes to Regan/Nicky Minaj’s team of 4 for a magnificent and elegant yet gangster win. To finish up the night, Laura’s deathly game of “Finding the 7 horcruxes” left everyone laughing, gasping and begging to be let free (especially in Ken’s case anyway). I don’t think any spell was left unturned on the night, with our brew of eggs, flour, ice and water bombs.  A late night game of mafia then allowed everyone the chance to accuse each other without necessarily any reason, making everyone feel nice and warm again.

The morning of the last day came without warning; especially because I was awoken to the angry cries of Boris when he faced his ‘pimped’ ride. The morning was geared with a great game of “Immunity” which got the muscles moving for the campers again. It is also important to note how good the food was- amazing, especially Sunday lunch. Can anyone we get over how good the fried noodles + (uncle Linus’s) lobsters were? I get cravings just writing about it.  With the camp drawing to a close, we got in touch with our inner peace’s, and found our auras near our midbrains in some tai chi, which was pretty relaxing when we the hang of it. Concluding the camp, we had a last team dash challenge relay which took all of guts, stamina, brains and wit- to put on frozen clothing, stuff yourself with chocolates, cream the face and drink a concoction of the camp leftovers. Good on you all, and you Paul for putting everything you had into it, (and also out under the deck).

A big thanks goes to everyone who came, on all or some of the days (especially the new people!), and to all our parent helpers (Aunty Frances, Aunty Lee, Uncle Linus, Aunty Jean) who organised everything and did so much. Thanks also to those who helped with the Saturday dinner: Jasmine, Susan & Sin and Becky & Frank.

It was amazing fun, and we wish to do it all again in 2012. To all those returning next year- remember to be prepared, who knows what’s gonna happen next.
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