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OSCA Kids at Camp 2011

By Gordon Wong
On Saturday 27th August, OSCA members of primary and intermediate school age were once again invited to spend an afternoon and evening at the annual Otago Southland Chinese Association weekend camp.  The camp is designed as a weekend for young OSCA members (15 and over) to meet new friends, have fun and just as importantly learn new skills that they can take away with them into the real world.

In 2009, the organisers took a bold step to invite younger kids along with their parents to the camp in Tirohanga.  It proved to be a great success with the kids having a great time and working together to do things they wouldn’t normally have a chance to do, even taking part in the Acapella (singing) performance after dinner.  In 2010 we travelled a bit further afield to the camp at Berwick and this year returned to Tirohanga.

The afternoon was very relaxed starting with the kids having a go at the confidence course and generally running around, checking out the creek and playing tag.  Eventually, I managed to pull all the kids together for one organised activity – climbing two of the walls.  Apart from being great fun, wall climbing is a great team building exercise.  The small wall can be easily climbed by lots of the kids, but the intermediate wall is all but impossible for most kids and adults without some assistance.  There was a lot of shouting, grunting and laughing but eventually every one of the kids managed to get on top of the intermediate wall.  They all quite rightly felt very proud to themselves.
The evening concluded with dinner (prepared by a team lead by Jean Lai), kids playing tag in the dark, some with torches and a show.  Thanks again to Frances, Linus and others for inviting the kids to camp.