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Chinese New Year Dinner 2014

Saturday 1 February 2014

The OSCA Chinese New Year dinner is an annual event, held as a fund raiser and is one of two regular events for members to get together for a fun dinner. The dinner was held once again at the Golden Harvest Restaurant attended by approximate 130, half of which were guests, many from company groups.

To start the occasion, the attendees moved out of their seats into the mall to watch the OSCA Lion Dancers. Given that there are very few students in Dunedin at this time of year, the Lion Dance team comprising of local children lead by Lisa Hanson who gave us a dynamic performance.

On with the dinner while the lion dancers sold raffle tickets. Please note that although the dinner is a fundraiser, the price of the dinner ticket is designed to break even.  The only fundraising collected is via the selling of raffle tickets. The raffles are a fun highlight of the evening, from the persuasive selling by charming kids to the dry witted compeering of James Chin keeping the diners alert.

Thanks to all who attended. We are especially grateful to those of you who attend our dinners year after year. See you at August Moon.