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OSCA Chinese New Year Picnic and Dinner 2015

Saturday 21st February 2015
By Gordon Wong
This year the Chinese Year Picnic and Dinner were held on the same day, 21st February. The picnic was held in warm sunny conditions at the Guthrie Pavilion, Bayfield High School, while the dinner was held in the evening, once again at the Golden Harvest Restaurant.

On this occasion, the picnic had a relatively small gathering of kids, some of whom were being introduced to OSCA for the first time. After barbecue patties, sausages and onions, the activities began with the traditional tug of war. As with most of these occasions, attempts to choose two even sides inevitably failed but that did not detract from the fun. The three legged races were only negotiated successfully by one or two pairs. Other pairs like Emily and Katie resorted to the indignity of crawling. Suffice to say, they didn’t get close to winning. You’ll see from the pictures there were smiles all round, especially when playing ladders.
Thanks to Keith and Ruth Kelsall, Gillian Wong, Christine Wong, Michael Hall and James Chin for their hard graft. Thanks also to Phil Shum for ordering the sausages, patties and lollies.

There’s talk of a change of format next year, to try to make it less of a kids only affair. Watch this space and in the mean time, keep smiling.

(Above) Tug of war
(Above left) 3 legged races
(Below left) Ladders
(Below) The good old lollie scramble for kids young and not so young.