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Children’s Christmas Picnic 2008


Sunday 30 November 2008
Bethunes Gully, Dunedin

On Sunday 30th November up to 30 kids and their parents braved the elements and turned out for the Christmas Picnic at Bethunes Gully in North East Valley.  You could say we were a little unlucky with the weather, but then again it absolutely poured down the next day.

We were pleasantly surprised at the turn out; I guess mass emailing does work after all.

In the first hour, our kids played in their own chaotic way – on the play equipment (slide, seesaw and swing), climbing into the woodland and disappearing and reappearing at the end of the gully or heading off in the opposite direction to the creek.  While the patties, sausages and onions were cooking on the barbie, we got the kids to line up tallest to shortest and formed four teams to play “fruit” bull-rush (tag – no tackle).  Catharine got the kids sorted out with the rules and away the kids went having a great time letting off steam.  Following this was duck, duck, goose, by which time the barbecue was ready and we all had plenty to eat.

After the food, a couple of other games were played and then the main event – Santa had arrived – walking up the gully from the car park.  The kids proceeded to chase Santa until he slipped and was mauled.  No harm done, Santa settled into a director’s chair and handed out presents much to the kids’ delight.

We met a few new faces and some old faces we hadn’t seen at our other events.  It was very gratifying to see that the kids really enjoyed themselves and were looking forward to getting together again.  The venue itself was a hit and some of the kids can’t wait to go exploring yet again, despite the fact that their disappearance into the woods caused some of the parents to experience minor palpitations.

The OSCA Children’s Sub Committee will be organising more events in 2009.  Keep and eye out in future newsletters and if you’ve got web access, check out the OSCA website for the latest information regarding events, basketball timetables and more pictures.

Gordon Wong, Catharine Kan, Glenda Kaan, Davina Wong, Bronwyn Mitchell and Adrian Thein