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Mid Winter Carnival 2009

Lantern making workshop - Saturday 13th June 2009
Mid Winter Carnival - Saturday 20th June 2009
Lantern Making Workshop
On Saturday 13th June, some of the younger OSCA members, along with hard working parents, attended a lantern making workshop organised by the Dunedin Midwinter Celebrations Trust in preparation for the Mid Winter Carnival.  It proved to be a real heads down and hard grafting session with satisfying results.
Mid Winter Carnival
On the following Saturday 20th June, the OSCA group of lantern makers met at Bath St to join the 300 strong parade of beautiful, colourful lanterns.
It was a cool and dry evening - perfect winter conditions. We proudly displayed out lanterns, walking twice round the Octagon surrounded by an enormous crowd.  The ODT estimated that there were more than 5000 people!