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OSCA Children’s Christmas Picnic 2012

8 December 2012
By Gordon Wong

The Christmas picnic for children was held at St Clair School for the third year in succession. 18 children and a fairly large number of adults were treated to two impressive performances by the OSCA Lion Dance crew lead by Lisa Ung. The first was performed by the students and the second by the very young Harper Thein Pye and Tobias Brennan. I’m sure the kids were inspired by the prowess of these two boys.

Following the performances, we all enjoyed barbecued sausages, patties, steak and onions and generally catching up. Ruth Kelsall had organised the kitchen as well as making coffee and baking rather large and delicious cakes.

Of course the highlight for the kids was the appearance of Santa. Sin Phua appeared as Santa for the second time, this time in a brand new suit doing an excellent job and unexpectedly was flanked by elves whose alter egos are students – Tasman, Eddie, Nicolle and Brittney.

It’s ironic that the reason for choosing a school as a venue is to have a wet weather alternative, but since making that decision after bad weather caused us to cancel the picnic in 2009, we have been blessed with glorious sunshine.

Many thanks to the Lion Dancers especially Lisa Ung for suggesting and offering their services, Thanks also to Ruth and Keith, Santa and his elves and the wonderfully helpful parents who make this kind of event work. See you next Christmas.



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