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OSCA Double Decker - Egg Hunt 2008

Sunday 30th March 2008

By Gordon Wong 

On Sunday 30th March, the newly formed OSCA Children’s Sub-Committee held it’s first event, a double decker bus ride culminating in a fun picnic and games session including an Easter Egg hunt in the grounds of Kaikorai Valley College.

The event was dreamed up over several meetings during Sunday morning miniball practices by the sub committee and a core group of enthusiastic parents.

The kids were really excited and well behaved on the bus, the majority sitting in groups on the upper deck seeing places like the Octagon from an elevated perspective.  George Street Normal’s junior school playground proved to be a really fun stop, with the kids trying out all the play equipment before being very orderly waiting for the lollies to be launched.

The bus chugged over the hill to KVC where the kids decorated their own noodle boxes for carrying Easter Eggs.  The Easter Egg hunt was a little adventure in the garden area outside the school hall that contains many shrubs, trees, grass and pipes in which to “hide” eggs.  This was followed by huddles, balloon volleyball, sack races, and an egg and spoon race.

All went well and we all had a great time, even the weather held up, in spite of a massive downpour the day before the event.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s a sample of comments from the kids:

“The miniball kids had a great outing this weekend (Sunday 30th March 08). We went on the double decker bus to George St Normal School for a lolly scramble and a play.  We got back on the bus and drove to KVC.  There we had an Easter egg hunt, sack races, egg and spoon races and we decorated little noodle boxes to hold all our Easter eggs. We also played balloon volleyball and had a picnic lunch.  There were lots of prizes and goodies and we all had a great time!  Thanks very much to Gordon, Glenda, Catharine, Julie, Neville, Davina and others, for organising the day and helping us with miniball.”
Liberty Thein-Pye age 9

“It was exciting and fantastic. We went on an Easter Hunt and played games. My favourite one was the balloons. I met a new friend, his name is Matthew. I talked to him on the double decker bus.”
Tobias Brennan age 5

“I liked the bus and the egg and spoon race.  I was really good at hitting the balloons with my fly swat.  I liked making the Easter box”.
Amelia Hall age 4

“I liked the Easter Egg hunt because I found a special ball.”
Sam Barrows age 8

“My favourite part was the lolly scramble and I won 2 races and got prizes.”
Josh Stoddard age 7

“I loved the Easter Egg hunt the best, especially trying to find them in the bushes and trees.”
Anton Stoddard age 4

It was fun going on the bus.  Most of the children sat up the top.  The lolly scramble was fun.  We all found heaps of chocolate Easter Eggs.”
Levi age 8

“I think the bus and Easter Egg hunt was cool!”
Matthew Wong age 6

“I liked sitting in the back of the bus on the top (deck)!”
Katie Wong age 4

We had great help from Neville and Julie Hall, Adrian Thein-Pye. Audrey Barrow, Andrina Sleeman and Glenda’s Mum who provided the colourful boiled eggs.