Emperor's Dragon Boat Festival

Getting in position for the first race.
Prior to the start
After prize giving - displaying the paddle trophy
Race1 is over - second place
By Gordon Wong
Waitangi Day 6th February 2009
It was the event our committee members tried to pass.  Alas we didn’t have our youthful University students to rely on.  Filled with much apprehension we cobbled together our committee of middle aged “athletes” augmented by a good selection of the very young and walked into the water with our practice boat under the direction of staff from the Otago Museum on a relatively warm Monday night (2nd Feb).  By the end of our second practice on Wednesday, our timing was terrible and we knew we were struggling.  But then came the moment of inspiration and revelation – let’s all count – yaat, yee, sarm, sie while digging in those paddles – bang – that was it – we were paddling in time and moving!  Prior to this we had tried to rely on listening to one person counting.

The Emperor’s Dragon Boat Festival at the Custom House Quay on Otago Harbour, organised by the Otago Museum with the Aoraki Dragon Boat Association was held on Waitangi Day, 6th February 2009.  Amazingly our team were very competitive and officially placed second overall behind the DCC.  Our actual placing was third, but the organisers, (Aoraki) excluded themselves from receiving prizes.  We came in ahead of the Otago Museum Exhibitionists, Deloitte Barbarians and Pacific @ Otago University teams.  A special prize for the most spectacular capsize was given to the Pacific team.

Unfortunately as the wind started to pick up, the swells became larger and after 3 boats capsized (in separate races – our boat stayed afloat but did take on a bit of water), the remaining races were cancelled.

We all had a fun day out with this great team bonding event.
OSCA Dragon Boat Crew 2009

Reserve: Robin Sew Hoy
Support Team
Curry and Rice: Jean Lai, Janice Sew Hoy, Frances Wong
Cakes: Susan Phua, Julie Hall, Sue Sew Hoy, Nicolle Wong
Photographic Contributors: Frances Wong, Gillian Wong, Janice Sew Hoy, Stephanie Hall, Susan Phua, Lisa Ung
Life Jackets: Peter Sew Hoy (from Moana Pool) , David Lai, Linus Chin