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Annual OSCA BBQ - Picnic 2012

By Frances Wong and Gordon Wong

This year on 3rd March, the Annual OSCA BBQ was held in conjunction with the Hong Kong Club.  All OSCA members in the community and the miniball (primary and intermediate school) group were also invited to attend.

140 people attended this successful event which was relocated to the South Life Church due to the cold conditions and wet grounds at the Woodhaugh Gardens, the original venue.

The food was amazing and the students were most appreciative of the barbecue food provided.  We offered sausages, meat patties, pork riblets, chicken wings, bread, coleslaw and platters of healthy fresh fruit.  Thanks to the OSCA Committee, Colin Wong, Leanne Chin, Michael Hall, and Sue & Robin Sew Hoy for their invaluable help and support!

There were speeches from the OSCA Youth Committee (Nicolle Wong), HK Club president (Boris Mo) and Julie Ma who was the ANZ representative.  The first two speakers highlighted upcoming events and the advantages of joining OSCA and the HK Club and Julie told us that she was happy to provide any support in banking field.

The university group organised team events which was a great opportunity to get to know new faces. There were some challenging moments with a mixture of NZ and HK games but the room was filled with lots of laughter.

During the speeches, the primary school kids had the main hall to themselves. Catharine Kan had organised a number of activities that required a bit of re engineering to accommodate the indoor venue. Many games were played including a highly entertaining game of winks, a hilarious attempt at a human pyramid and a relay race crossing an imaginary river by hopping over stepping stones.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the financial support for the event from ANZ Dunedin.

Note: Traditionally, OSCA has held a Chinese New Year picnic on the Sunday closets to Chinese New Year and a separate youth barbecue designed to principally welcome students old and new.  Chinese New Year was extremely early this year and the Chinese New Year picnic has had a decline in participation in recent years and a decision was made to combine the events and promote the event as a family picnic.