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OSCA Family and Youth Picnic 2013

2 March 2013 SouthLife Church and Woodhaugh Gardens, Dunedin

By Regan Young

On March 2nd 2013, OSCA held our annual BBQ picnic in collaboration with the Hong Kong Club to welcome back the old and introduce the new students to Dunedin. Things kicked off at South Life Church around 12noon when students and OSCA members in the community steadily rolled in.

About 120 people attended making it another fantastic event. With a buffet style of BBQ sausages, meat patties, pork riblets, chicken wings, bread, coleslaw and fruit, no scarfie was left sad and hungry.
After lunch and getting the formal introductions out of the way, the youth committee began their ice breaker and mini-games as a way for everyone to get to know each other. Some games included Chinese charades, banana race and the very entertaining and popular “make your own music video” (for a good laugh, videos of the groups can be viewed on youtube just search “osca picnic”)

The BBQ finished off with the winning team receiving a prize of everyone’s favourite chocolate “favourites” while the losing team faced off against the merciless “OSCA wheel of fate (the BBQ picnic edition)” where we got to see men become boys again with a nice wax strip along the leg, guys consume a concoction not even Bear Grylls could stomach and of course a humbling rendition of “I’m a little tea-pot”
Overall the day was a huge success with everybody enjoying themselves, making new friends and seeing the benefits of what being an OSCA member has to offer, a BIG THANKS to Frances, Leanne, Christine, Phil, Michael and Colin for cooking the food and the Youth Committee for organising the games.