OSCA Post Easter Party 2014

By Frances Wong
Saturday 10 May 2014
This year, the Post Easter Party held a “special significance” because the OSCA contingent won 11 events, with 9 of these being official sports.  Our contingent consisted of 60 people which included players and 6 supporters so we achieved a fantastic outcome compared to the larger contingents.  To be able to enter teams for most of the sports, OSCA players played several sports over the course of the day,  so it was a very tiring but challenging weekend
We all enjoyed a Chinese Buffet meal from Nanking Palace Restaurant and had Chocolate Fudge cake and Pavlova for dessert
Several games were organised by the Youth Committee. The losers of the games were the recipients of leftover chocolate sauce and whipped cream!
Richmond & Matt organised a challenging quiz that had several people guessing the answers but in the end, the parent’s team won by a small margin!  Thank goodness for Kendall who was given to the parents to help balance out the team numbers
Brittany & Eddie organised and awarded the Easter Awards.

Sports Awards:

Mens Overs:
  • MVP Erin Goh
  • MIP Allan Tan
Womens Overs:
  • MVP Sara Wang
  • MIP Edith Chan
  • Yao Lik Chun and Eddie Park
Outdoor Netball:
  • Natasha Wong She
Touch Rugby:
  • Cameron Young
  • Jonathan Young
Indoor Soccer:
  • John Lai
  • Bjana Young
  • Jessica Seow (Womens 800)
  • Jonathan Young (Mens Mile)
  • Michael Young, Cameron Young, Nick On, John Lai
    (Mens Relay)
  • Brittany Wong
Fun Awards:

  • Longest Traveller Award - Sara Wang & Davina Wong
  • Mr Easter Pageant Award – Allan Tan
  • Drunk Award – Cameron Young
  • Superior Drunk Award – Jonathan Young
Thanks was expressed to
  • Eddie for basketball coaching
  • Sharon & Raymond, Leanne & Linus and Frances for looking after the contingent.