Post Easter Party 2013

By Colin Chin

By tradition, after every Easter tournament there is always a Post Easter party followed afterwards to celebrate the success as a contingent with awards and photos taken from the weekend.  This year it was held on the 21st of April at the OSCA rooms, with the attendance of 27 students and 5 adults. Hungry students awaiting a fabulous buffet dinner supplied by The Nanking Palace Restaurant were served at 6:00pm. Afterwards Eddie and Brittany had the privilege to announce the awards which included not just the sporting awards but also some of the memorable acts of some participants during the tournament were acknowledged as well (List below contains all the awards).

Dessert was served shortly after with Chocolate cake, Pavlova and ice cream which went down a treat thanks to Leanne and Frances. At 8:00pm Michael, Regan and Colin had arranged some team activities for everyone to participate.  Points would be accumulated through the activities in order to win the overall award. The first activity was Chinese charades, followed by a Piggy back race and to end it all a quiz containing 30 trivial questions and riddles. All the activities were enjoyed by all and at the end scores were tallied up with a winner who received an assortment of chocolates and lollies. The night overall was a success. Thanks were given to Boris Ma, Eddie Liew and Linus Chin for coaching duties and Frances & Colin and Leanne for their input in organizing and food for the party.

List of awards
Mens U21 Basketball Blue Team
MVP - Anthony Leung & Colin Chin
MIP - Michael Ng

Mens U21 Basketball Yellow Team
MVP -Kahurangi Cassidy
MIP - Craig Joe

Womens Overs Basketball team
MVP - Jasmine Ng
MIP - Natasha Wong

Indoor Netball
Rachel Chin
Natasha Wong

Touch Rugby
Cameron Young

Indoor Soccer
Allan Tan
Anson Fong

Jasmine Ng (Relay)
Jessica Seow (Womens 800)
Michael Seow (Mens Mile)

Fun Awards
Sookie Award – Colin Chin
Heavy loaded Award – Edith Chan
Noob Award: Allan Tan
Underage Award: Kahurangi Cassidy
Future Couples Award: Tara King & Anthony Leung
Heart Breaker Award: Taz Watkins
Bad Luck Award – Edith Chan
Free Rides to non OSCA people Award – Rarchyn Makea
Drunk Award – Colin Chin