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The Great OSCA Picture Search 2011

by Nicolle Wong
11 September 2011

The OSCA Picture Search was an successful event with 7 team cars racing all across Dunedin taking photos of some of Dunedin’s scenic and most famous icons. Each car load was given a list of about 40 places/items they would need to find and take a photo with within the two hour time frame. They included places such as the University Clock Tower, or the ANZAC Memorial Service gardens and also more subjective creative things such as ‘what you think best represents the life of a scarfie student best’ or the highest letterbox number. 

The winning team was Gabriel Lau & family who obtained the maximum points in the bonus clues section

Awards were also given for creativity of photos and originality. Thank you to all those who attended and made the event a success. Thank you to Phil and James who organised the event and gave us all a fun-filled day!  Our appreciation also goes to Christine Wong, Chris Shum, Gordon Wong , Linus Chin & Frances Wong (the behind the scenes team)

Michael's Team - student life
Gabe's Team

Brit's Team - Monkey Bar
Andrew's Team - convertible
Andrew's Team - stairs to nowhere

Pat's Team - convertible
Nicolle's Team - fishing

Pat's Team - Lee bricks
Michael's Team - student life