Otago and Southland Chinese Association Committee 2014-2015

Committee Profile

The association was established in 1935 and became an incorporated society in 1997 during the presidency of Neville Chin. The current format of the committee was probably established since becoming an incorporated society, however the concept of sub committees was introduced by Peter Sew Hoy during his presidency.

The annual general meeting to elect the committee is held in October or November each year. The last AGM was held on 10 November 2014 in which the following appointments were made:

Linus Chin is now into his 6th year as president after first being elected on 9th November 2009 following on from Teresa Chan. Teresa had served from November 2007 and also for a period prior to the presidency of Peter Sew Hoy 2004-2007.

Linus's comment was that the role is "rewarding but bloody hard work".

Vice President/Chairman
Teresa Chan is into her second year as vice president following Adrian Thein 2010-2013. Teresa had also previously served as vice president during the presidency of Peter Sew Hoy (Peter served as vice president during Teresa's period as president) and as president prior to Peter. Apart from a three year period, Teresa has served as president or vice president for more than a decade and in truth is always on hand to take on official tasks. There's nothing glamorous about these tasks, but we are grateful when they're done.

Other Executive Roles
Wayne Chin and Hector Wong have served as treasurers for more years than we can remember, probably for more than 20 years. They are of course willing to hand over duties to any experienced accountant.

Michael Young has been English Secretary for more than a decade.

The role of Chinese Secretary is vacant. We are very grateful to Jinya Chen who took on the role of translator from the beginning of 2014.

 Name Sub Committee(s)
 Linus Chin (President) Membership/Socials
 Teresa Chan (Chairman/Vice President) Building
 Michael Young (English Secretary) Building (Leader)
 Wayne Chin (Treasurer) Adult & Elderly
 Hector Wong (Treasurer) Membership/Socials
 Jinya (Alexandra) Chen (Chinese Secretary) Translations
 Frances Wong Youth (Leader)
 Phillip Shum Membership/Socials/Adult & Elderly (Co-Leader)
 George Wong Adult & Elderly
 James Chin Membership/Socials (Leader)
 Gordon Wong Newsletter/Website/Children/Membership
 Sin Hen Phua Socials/Adult & Elderly
 Lisa Hanson Lion Dance
 David Lai  
 Christine Wong Miniball
 Adrian Thein  
 Keith Kelsall Chinese School Liaison/Children
 Colin Chin Youth
 Regan Young Youth
 Brittany Wong Youth
 Eddie Liew Youth
 Natasha Wong Youth
 Kendall Chin Youth
 Tara King Youth
 Cameron Young Youth
 Invercargill Sub Branch  
 Margaret Young (Secretary)
 Jim Wong (Chairman)
 Kristel Yee (Treasurer)
 Philip Chan (Vice Chairman)
Youth Leader
In truth, this is probably the most work intensive role given that the youth (people of high school and university age) are the most active and there are tournaments to organise. Frances Wong had previously shared duties with Janice Sew Hoy but has been the lone leader since early 2010! They weren't kidding when the acapella group in the Cultural Concert of 2011 sang "We love Frances Wong".

Frances has been ably supported by a revolving door of willing students - but Otago University is a blessing and a curse - as soon as someone is really good at what they do, they graduate from university to take on roles at other centres or overseas. As a concequence we have a growing age gap members of the youth sub committee and the remainder of the committee.
A reliable group of "old fellas" lead by James Chin have been organising Chinese New Year and August Moon fundraising dinners for longer than anyone can remember. The band of brothers includes Phillip Shum, Hector Wong, Wayne Chin, Sin Phua ably supported by David Lai and his wife Jean along with Sin's wife Susan. Often behind the scenes doing the graft are president Linus Chin and his wife Leeane.

Some of these guys are also often seen preparing food to keep the kids at OSCA camp well fed. However it's not just committee members who do the hard food yards, On other occasions Delvin and Lisa Chin have run the kitchens at camp.

Children's events were managed by the youth sub committee till December 2007 when Janice Sew Hoy convinced Gordon Wong and 4 other parents of young children to form the Children's Sub Committee. Over a course of 7 years, parents moved on as kids grew older, but Gordon is just hanging on supported by Keith Kelsall and Christine Wong who returned to the committee a year ago.
George Wong
George Wong aged 92 is probably the oldest and longest serving committee member of the New Zealand Chinese Association and probably any other committee for that matter. George became a committee member in 1941 and has served as chinese secretary, english secretary and president. He's still the first port of call regarding history and matters relating to chinese text. George was awarded a Queens Service Medal in 2006 for his long years of service to the chinese community.