From the President

February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
It is time to renew your membership so pay your subscription fee now for the 2014 financial year.

This is our first newsletter for the year.
If you would prefer receiving a copy via email please let us know and we can arrange this easily.

Our latest newsletter is available on this site.

If you are a new member search on Facebook for the OSCA group and ask to join. Here you will be updated on the latest opportunities and news for our members and also be able to comment as well.
Welcome to Keith Kelsall, Tara King, Kendall Chin, Cameron Young and Natasha Wong, who join our committee and we say farewell to Michael Ngan Kee. Thanks for your help Michael and good luck for the future.

We also say farewell and thank you to Dr Zhifa Sun who has served on the committee for many years as our liaison with the Dunedin Chinese Language School. Keith Kelsall, the current President of the school will now fulfill this role.

I would also like to thank the younger members for their volunteer work for OSCA. As part of OSCA’s commitment to supporting Chinese cultural community events, 8 students from our OSCA youth group volunteered to help with the catering of dim sum food and drinks for the Dunedin Chinese Garden Book Launch and the Shanghai Yu Garden Photo Exhibition.
Thanks to those who attended the Chinese New Year Dinner in support of OSCA. As many people know we do not make any profit on the cost of food and our fundraising is restricted to the raffle sales alone, so thanks for those who purchased raffle tickets as well.

The year is starting with the arrival of new and returning students and we will be welcoming them back with a number of events organised by the youth committee and then we will be attending the New Zealand Chinese Association Sports and Cultural Tournament over Easter this year.

We welcome the Year of the Horse. It will be a time for new relationships, opportunities, and activities.

Linus Chin
Otago & Southland Chinese Association







如果你是新成员的话可以登陆 OSCA facebook组要求加入。在facebook上我们会随时为我们的成员更新时事新闻,也希望成员们能留下你们的足迹,给我们写评论。

在此非常欢迎Keith Kelsall, Tara King, Kendall Chin, Cameron Young Natasha Wong 加入我们的委员会,也欢送Michael Ngan Kee. 感谢Michael 给与我们的帮助,愿你在未来一切顺利。

我们也欢送Dr Zhifa Sun,感谢Dr Zhifa Sun这么多年为我们委员会所作的贡献。感谢你一直以来负责我们与但尼丁中文学校之间的联络工作。我们的新委员会成员Keith Kelsall 将接替Dr Zhifa负责今后的工作。

我也特别感谢我们年轻的成员们为奥塔哥华人协会所做的积极贡献。为做好支持中华名族文化活动的工作,来自我们协会的八名学生无偿为但尼丁兰园新书发布会和Shanghai Yu 园林照片展提供所需要的饮食服务。




主席 Linus Chin



Translation by Jinya (Alexandra) Chen