Lion Dance

By Lisa Ung

By Gordon Wong and Lisa Hanson

9 September 2014

The OSCA lion dancers are a very popular attraction and are frequently asked to perform at anything from a wedding to official Chinese New Year celebrations. With many performances this year, the materials have become worn and fragile.
Recently the OSCA committee authorised the purchase of 4 new lions and associated equipment from Malaysia. Tradition dictates that before a lion can be “used” it must have its eyes “dotted” (a red dot using a small paint brush) by an official. The “dotting” awakens the lion’s spirit and wards off evil spirits. The “dotting” of the new lions was performed at the Dunedin Chinese Gardens on 6 September by George Wong QSM, the longest serving committee member of the Otago Southland Chinese Association (from 1941 to the present)!

It’s fantastic having new lions fitted to the new “little people” who do all the performing.

Dragon Boat Festival the Dunedin Chinese Gardens, 10 June 2015