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OSCA Lion Dancing 2011

After months of planning, this keenly anticipated workshop was attended by our OSCA lion dance team and 6 members of the Invercargill Sub Branch lion dance team. Over the weekend we had two jam-packed days of tuition provided by tutors George and Evan Chan from the Christchurch Qiao Yi Lion Dance Team. We studied Hok Shan lion dance music and learnt how to read lion dance music symbols for drums, cymbals and gong. We were also taught the fundamentals of Hok Shan lion dancing and the preparation and development of a complete routine. This culminated in a ceremony for the Official Blessing of all five of our new lions at the Dunedin Chinese Garden. We then performed a longer routine from 5 vantage points within the gardens while the musicians played on the zig zag bridge. It was a truly incredible experience to perform with George and Evan and the public who were visiting the Gardens at the time were treated to a really spectacular sight! 
Thank you to OSCA for funding this workshop!

Some of the feedback from the workshop participants:

I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot of new things and how to do cool stuff properly. Thank you very much OSCA.
Coordinating music with the performance was extremely helpful. Even though the music symbols were confusing at first it did make learning it faster.

We were taught everything that we expected to be taught …….and much, much more. It was so inspiring to watch you both demonstrating your skills to us. You both are awesome.

After attending the Lion Dance workshop I was able to better understand the basic beat of the instruments, combined with basic steps under the lion to make a more professional, rhythmic, lively and in sync basic performance. I feel that from here our crew are able to build upon what we learnt to create more traditional and outstanding performances in the future.

Absolutely wonderful workshop. Thank you George and Evan – you are such passionate, knowledgeable and excellent tutors. Thanks to OSCA for organising this workshop – it’s everything the Sub Branch group wanted to learn and more. Fab weather and great to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

WOW!  Having come from knowing nothing absolutely about the world of lion dancing I found the weekend's workshop brilliant.  It was great to learn so much and have it made so easy with the great tutors George and Evan, who obviously have a profound knowledge of the art.  Thanks again.
An exhilarating and dynamic seminar presented by enthusiastic and expert tutors. Their energy and passion for the Lion Dance was transmitted to all who attended the weekend workshop. Thanks George and Evan for a tremendous learning experience.