Rugby World Cup 2011 Welcome to Dunedin

4 September 2011, Dunedin Town Hall

By Lisa Ung

This has been the biggest and most star-studded event of the year for our OSCA Lion dancing team. Dunedin being the host city for Argentina and England for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, we were asked to perform for the two teams at the Dunedin town hall.

Welcoming them through the entrance were the Kapa Haka groups from Kings and Queens high school, followed by a mihi whakatau – a formal Maori greeting. After official greetings and speeches, the OSCA Lion Dance team performed a following a bright performance by the Dunedin Scottish Dancers.

With a slimmed down slippery stage, the Lion dance crew were able to pull off a slick upbeat 5 minute performance for the two large teams. The crowd supporters and Rugby teams were truly impressed. When the capping ceremony was completed, some of the team members were able to grab autographs and photos with the famous rugby world cup superstars. These included players like Jonny Wilkinson. Surely a memorable performance for some!!

OSCA Lion Dancers Welcome World Cup Teams
By the OSCA Editor (Gordon Wong)

Following the intensity of the Easter Tournament, OSCA members got on with their usual activities without a fuss, none more so than our Lion Dance team. Most of us will be unaware of the team fulfilling engagement after engagement, representing OSCA with distinction. They are very young, from the mid teens to early twenties. They certainly deserved the honour to take part in the welcome to the England and Argentina teams at the Dunedin Town Hall, prior to the first Rugby World Cup match at the new Otago Stadium. We‟re proud of this group and all the people over 70 or more years who have come before them, carrying and passing on the Otago and Southland Chinese Lion dance legacy.

OSCA Lion Dancers Welcome Argentina and England