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February 2010

By Jono Wu 

The OSCA Lion Dance Team resumed regular practices in mid January. Our team of young and enthusiastic members are working towards several performances that they have been requested in Dunedin and Oamaru.  Practices continue throughout the year and we are working on improving our skills based on the knowledge given to us at our OSCA Lion Dance workshop held here in August 2009. Our tutors George and Evan Chan were brilliant in passing on their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills. We are confident that this year will be filled with more exciting and authentic performances.

If you would like to see the OSCA lion dance team in action, we will be performing on February 14th at the Chinese New Year events in the Dunedin Art Gallery, Dunedin Chinese Garden and at the Dunedin Casino.

OSCA 舞獅隊---歡迎新成員

OSCA 舞獅隊在1月中旬恢復正常訓練。 應但尼丁和歐馬陸的要求,我們的年輕和熱心的成員正在籌備一些新的節目。訓練將持續一整年,他們在20098月份的訓練基礎上提高更好的技術。我們的教練George Evan Chan 非常熱心的傳授了熱誠,知識和技術。 我們確信今年將會有更大的進步和更好的成就。









Dunedin Victory Parade 1945

There is strong tradition of Chinese Lion Dance (often mistakenly called the "Dragon Dance" by the media) in Otago.....


New lions bought in 2009.