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Lion Dance May 2013

By Lisa Ung
It’s the Year of the Snake and the Lion Dance team has been very productive in these last few months!

Planning and practices were already underway before the students returned to Dunedin and our books were booking up fast. Our annual performances for Chinese New Year 2013, began on the 9th of February, at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. The performance in the foyer was fascinating for all the kids and tourists visiting our central base in the city. Afterwards we took our lions to the streets.
Two of our lions marched down George St making their way down to our next performance at Golden Harvest restaurant.  Who could resist patting our gorgeous lions!

The OSCA Chinese banquet Dinner was a full house as usual and again we performed in the foyer of the restaurant. A tour bus full of Chinese people even stuck around outside the restaurant to watch our show too. We felt like superstars posing for the Asian paparazzi. 
The following day we performed for the Dunedin Casino and arrived at the Chinese Gardens for the Big celebration. The Weather was great and the crowd was huge! Everyone cheered as the lion successfully jumped onto the saw horse and managed to grab the lettuce. 
After recovering from an exciting Chinese New Year weekend, Otago Anniversary rolled round and we were honoured to be asked to perform at the Savoy. No Chandeliers were broken and no one slipped on the polished wooden floors, although our saw horse did skid a little.

Our last performance to date was at Race Relations Day held at Dunedin North Intermediate School. Performances were from all around the World, so it was great to share our bright traditional Lion Dance.

Although our team spends most of the time jumping on each other and eating food, being on the Lion Dance team can be very full on. Our team is made up of Regan Young and Kendall Chin (co-leaders), Junn Ng, Mike Lee, Harper Thein Pye, Tobias Brennan, Nina Luo, Meg Yen, and finally Uncle Linus and me (Lisa Ung).  More recently we have had two members from the Wellington team who have joined our group and are expanding our choreography to limitless imagination. The experienced Lion dancers are Allan Tan and Daniel Cho.

We owe a very special Thank you to Taya and Liberty who were able to help out and show off their beautiful smiley faces at our performances for Chinese New Year.
Learning new moves and jumps is very exciting for the team as it is for every performer and dancer. I am so proud of what our team has achieved so far this year and look forward to creating new shows every time.

Celebrating International Dance day we held workshops at the Chinese Gardens, on the 27th of April. Next chance you get, come see our gorgeous lions up close – we don’t bite!