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“A while ago I had a gnarly accident on my bike. I ruptured my kidney and spleen and had to have emergency surgery. In the following days I needed nearly 50 donors worth of blood. All that blood saved my life and that’s why the New Zealand Blood Service needs your blood to save lives. Lives like mine or someone you know maybe. If you’d like to give blood,give them a call today.”

Geoffrey Joe, Palmerston North

不久之前我在騎自行車時遭遇了一次危險的意外事故。我的腎臟與脾臟都破裂了,因而不得不接受緊急手術韋台療。在後來的幾天裏,我用棹了相當於近5O名捐獻人的血液量。正是這些血液救了我的命, 這也是爲什麽紐西蘭血液中心需要您的捐血來挽救人們的生命:那些像我或也可能是您識的一些人的生命。如果您樂意捐血,今天就給他們打電話吧。


北帕默斯頓,Geoffrey Joe
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