The Forgotten Canton Archives

The Forgotten Canton Archives

The Photo Collection Goes from NZ to Guangzhou
In April 2015 the whole Canton photo collection was taken to Guangzhou by the New Zealand Ambassador in Beijing, John McKinnon during his visit to Guangdong Province. The collection consisting of more than 2000 photos are currently being kept at the Guangzhou Library. The plan is to hold several exhibitions with different themes to the Guangzhou public in the coming months.

Gongdong Radio and Televsion World interviewed  John McKinnon during the hand over ceremony of the photo collection.

Interview with John McKinnon
The interview can be viewed here.

Please note that the link from NZ to the Chinese website is very slow and you may need to try a few different times to successfully view the video. The page loads, but the video may not.

Director: Vanckey Cai

Cameramen: Maxim Lin
Isaac Chen
Xu Chen
Zhang Yike
Locke Lau
Ivan Lee

Narration: Kang Yi

Editor/Translator: Vanckey Cai

Senior Producer: Boxin Xu

Consultant: Leslie Wong

Channel Director: Karl Shi

Programme Director: Tammy Lee

Chief Producer: Zhang Huijan

Executive Producers: Zeng Guohuan
Yang Zhouxing

Special Thanks to: Consulate General of New Zealand in Guangzhou

Otago and Southland Chinese Association,
Dunedin, New Zealand

Presbyterian Archives Research Centre of Knox College, Dunedin, New Zealand

Guangzhou Library

Crew who filmed in Otago, New Zealand: Vanckey Cai
Lin Minxi
Isaac Chen

Originators and key drivers pf project: George McKibbens - Host Lingnan Voices at Guangdong Radio
Mychael Tymons - Photographic Curator at Knox College

Consultant in NZ: Leslie Wong

Consultants in Guangzhou: Mr Zhou Zhixiong - described as Retired Elderly in the documentary
Tang Guohua - Professor of School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Guangzhou University
Professor Tang's students

Interviewees/Players: George McKibbens (Guangdong Radio)
Mychael Tymons (Knox College)
Leslie Wong (Chinese historian in Dunedin)
Tang Guohua (Guangzhou University)
Professor Tang's students
Rebecca Needham (New Zealand Consul General in Guangzhou
Sam Mackay (Senior Education Manager New Zealand Embassy in Beijing, Great great grandson of Rev Alexander Don)