Chinese Kids at School - 1940s

Normal School in Dunedin - All Chinese Class
(Back row) Miss Reid
(Second row) Sung?, Lee Wong, George Loo, Yeng?, Eileen Loo (now Thackery)
(Front row) Charlie Wong, Neville Kan, Alice Wong (now Young), Nancy Lowe (now Wong)

Photo from Lee Wong
Description by Gordon Wong (Nov 2012)

This was a class in Normal School circa 1940, containing only Chinese children that were together for approximately one year. Presumably the children were together because they only had a basic understanding of English. Many of the class members had recently arrived in New Zealand as refugees from the Japanese invasion of China during the Second World War.  However, some of the children were born in New Zealand. The age range of the children was approximately 7 to 16.

Normal School was located at the corner of King (now Great King Street) and Albany Streets. Not long after this photo was taken, Normal School merged with George Street School to become George Street Normal.  The University purchased the location of Normal School.
Normal schools are a model for best teaching practice and provide positions for teacher training. Today, most of the trainee teachers in Dunedin spend time at George Street Normal School.

OSCA Chinese Class 1941
(Back row) Jessie Wong, Masie Lowe, Joyce Wong, Mary Wong, Betty Wong
(Front row) Bennie Lowe, Tim Chin, Alex Young, Charlie Wong, York Young, Hor Young, James Wong

Photograph provided by George Wong