Double Tens Celebration - Dunedin 1940

10 October (Double Ten Day), 1940 – Logan Park, Dunedin – 29th Anniversary of the founding of The Republic of China
This very long photo was published in the Otago Southland Chinese Association August 2010 newsletter.  The photo owned by the late Bill Wong was provided as part of the "Reminiscing Photo Afternoon" at the OSCA clubrooms on 15th May 2010.  The photo depicts local Chinese who attended the Double Ten Day celebration at Logan Park, Dunedin on 10 October 1940, the 29th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China. The non Chinese participants are mainly members of Bray Brothers Produce Mart and Lovell Bates - for many years many Chinese owned green grocer businesses.

The photo has been cut into 4 parts. The entire photo can be download from a link at the bottom of the page.  The names of the participants have been provided from memory by Mr George Fook Wong, who can been seen in the back row of the first part of the photo.  George knew the identity of his Chinese contemporaries, but didn't attempt to name the non Chinese and therefore most of the question marks are against the non Chinese in the photo.

If you, a family member or friend is in the photo and have been incorrectly identified, please drop us an email at

The Republic of China was established in 1912, however it is Double Ten day (10 October 1911) the day of the Wuchang Uprising against the Qing Dynasty that is celebrated.  This is the day that is generally considered to be beginning of the end of 2000 years of Dynastic Rule in China. The Republicans subsequently fled to Taiwan after being defeated by the communists in 1949.  Taiwan is now The Republic of China.
(Back row) Kim Yuen Chin, Choi Yep Chin ?, ?, Sen Houn Young, Hubert Lowe, Norman Yet Tonkin, Eric K K Chin, George Fook Wong, Kumke Chin, Billy HT Lowe, BJ Lowe
(Second row) ?, ?, Hugh BP Sew Hoy, Yat Gin, ?, ?, Wai Fong Yee, ?, Yick Poy Gin, Git Way Wong, Tol Jern Shum, Chew Hum Kwok
(Third row) Young, Kum Len Young, Ying Kit Chen, Yuk Chuen Young, Kum Yo Young, Joe YO Kaan, Kim Hoon Soo, Ken YK Kan, Do Noy Gin, ?, Dick Jer
(Fourth row) Gar Leong Ding, Gar Poy Ding, Kum Ho Young, Chew Sun Young, Jack C Chin, Shue Gung Wong, Eric Fang Dui Gin, Fan Se Gin, EG Gin
(Front row) ?, ?, Gar Day Ding, Jor Chew Chan, James CH Wong, John Kaan, JFK Kaan, Lane Kaan, Jessie Kaan, Lily Kaan, Violet Kaan, Eileen Lowe, Jessie Lowe, Nancy Lowe, George Lowe, Ivy Lowe, Maise Lowe

(Back row) ?, ?, Lueng Fong Yee, Sen Kong Chin, ?, Mrs WF Loo, Wing Fong Loo, Yu Min Leong
(Second row) Joo Yem Wong, Tay Chong Ho, Yuik Nam Yong, Chock Kong Wong, Yaat Jim Young, Sic Kwun Lou, Chor Buk Choie, Yue Choy Young, Kong Tin Gin, ?
(Third row) (4 Europeans from Lovell Bates, Yeen Sun Young, Mrs YJ Young, Mrs Norman Lim, ?, Jessie Wong, Betty Wong, Mrs Chew H Kwok, Mrs GY Lowe, Mrs WK Kan
(Fourth row) Walter WT Chin, Soon Jin Chin, Eddy Chin, Pete Kan, Kin Nam Wong, Do Kan Chin, Ye Tin Kan, Bing Poy Chin, Fan Jor Chin
(Front row) Yen Yip, Alice Wong, Jean YH Shum, Jim GT Shum, Joyce Wong, Yun Kum Kwok, Mary Wong, Eileen Loo, Roger Kan, Sun Tim Chin

(Back row) ?, Kum Wing Dong, Hoi Gum Choong, Kau Hin Wong, ?, Bing Yui Young, ?, ?, Goon Choi Young, Geo Yee, Ju Yen Wong, ?, Lum Git Kan, Wah Goc Lee, Kum Jun Young, Wah Giu Gin, Moon Ock Chin, Shiu Gum Ou, Mo Noy Lee, Sing Hol Kwok, Norman Lim, Yun Min Young, Norman Lai Chin
(Second row) Gan Chin Wong, Jark Min Gee, Wing Yem Sue, Cheuk Gee Young, Ding Wing Chin, ?,?,?,?,?, Gen Siu Chin
(Third row) Mrs Eva Kan, Mrs Ming Yuen Chang, Mrs Hilda Choie, Mrs Geo Yee, Mrs Kung Po Law, Mrs Bing Foon Chin, Jill Sue, Mrs A Miller, ?, ?, ?, Sew Kay Wong, Yew Kong Chin
(Fourth row) Kuen Tim Wong, John Chin, Fan Jor Gin, Yew Chee Young, Kim Hong Chin, Mun Chil Young, Arthur Che Joon Wong, ?, Tol Yem Wong, Harry HS Young
(Front row) Jim Y Yee, Yo Min Yee, Albert Yip (?), York Young, Charlie LC Wong, George YC Loo, Alex LH Young, ?, ?, Sic Sing Gin, ?, Poy Hon Chin, Albert Yip (?)

(Back row) Wing Jun Chin, Min Yern Ng, Sic Wing Young, Jun Tim Sew Hoy
(Second row) Arthur Shek Gee, Min Dok Gin, Noon Chun Loo, ?, Park Lum Young, Tol Jun Kwok, ?, Roy Ting Sang Law, ?, Gun Sheung Choie, Yon Moon Yep, ?, Fooi Chin, Shu Tol Chang, ?
(Third row) Yuen Kong Chin, Jit Sang Wong, Kung Po Law, Yip Yee Chin, Foon Tong Chin, Hughie Quun Shum, ?
(Fourth row) Harry HS Young, ?, Dickson Yip, Bing Foon Chin, William Wong, members of Bray Bros Product Mart and friends
(Front row) , Albert Yip (?), ?, ?, Lee Chee Yee Wong, Benny Lowe