Dragon 100 - Young Chinese Leaders Forum 2010

By Conrad Wong
Overall I had a great experience in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the Dragon 100 program.

The leadership forum was more about bringing leaders together with the focus on what we can do looking forward rather than improving our personal leadership style.

Speakers were: Professor Edward Chen from the Hong Kong university. He spoke on Asia's emergence as a global economic leader. 
We visited the Hong Kong monetary authority which was extremely interesting to know that it only costs them around 12 cents to print a bank note with 12 different security features so notes cannot be forged. 
Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok Sze gave a presentation on the World Expo and Sustainable Development. Her presentation was extremely helpful because the next day we headed to Shanghai and the World Expo. 
In Shanghai, the World Expo was an experience in itself. It was like a 12 hour sauna. We were there from 10am to 10pm. We visited the NZ, Australian, African, Indonesian, Malaysian, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Spain pavilions' using different delegates passports to get us past the queues. The pavilions gave a brief history of the country and what it is doing to make the country better. The theme was "better city, better life". 
We also visited the Baosteel company which is the biggest steel company in China. There we were shown the process of cooling down extremely hot sheet metal (roughly 12,000 degrees). 
We also visited the Ping An insurance company which is the second biggest insurance company in China and had a talk from their Executive Director on "The China opportunity in the Post-Crisis era". The most intriguing part of  the talk was hearing that workers in China save on average 70% of their income. This sounds farfetched when comparing to NZ who is on average consuming more money than earning. Therefore making our cultures extremely different on spending habits.
The biggest take from this leadership forum was the bonding with fellow delegates who were all extremely high-achieving people. To be in a group with so many high achieving young Chinese people from different parts of the world was extremely inspiring. My group decided to form a website where youths/young leaders from around the world can search within their region and also internationally for charity events, organisations to volunteer at and youth leadership forums/conventions/programs which they can attend over summer/winter. This, when up and running will hopefully contain all of the NZCA branches. I hope that OSCA can be the first to join and I believe it will give OSCA greater appeal not only nationally but internationally too.