Easter Sports Tournament 2010

By Richie King and Andrew Yee
Welcome to THE (not just any old) Easter Tournament summary for 2010.
NB: See footnotes at the bottom of this article.
This year the Easter Tournament was in Wellington, and fortunately OSCA was able to summon a golden “horde” of 59 representatives from Otago (and Southland)+, 32 of which successfully stormed and conquered the Wellingtonian castle known only as the “YHA”.

There was a mixture of younger and older Otago-Southland Chinese Association representatives, ranging from “awfully young” (Jasmine Ng) all the way to “belongs in Otago Museum” (Sarah King). They came from all over Otago and Southland and went all the way up to Welly to challenge contingents from all other parts of the country, except perhaps Stewart Island (they’re just a bit TC). Among the glorious sports that OSCA partook in were basketball, tennis, mixed touch rugby, indoor “manly” netball, indoor soccer, table tennis, hockey, athletics, golf and last but not least, competitive hide’n’seek*.

Starting off with basketball; OSCA sent 4 teams to compete. The U17 girls team won 1 game over all of Easter, a new record for them. The Womens Overs team tried valiantly against the tide of the Wellingtonian /Cantabrian /Auckland savages, sadly to no avail.  However it must be mentioned that they lost to Auckland by a mere two points!!! The two men’s teams, U21 and Over21 teams obviously did much less successfully, only completely dominating several teams in order to win their respective plates. These successes are no doubt thanks to Jono “Wuman27” Wu’s fantastic supporting/coaching presence on and off the court, obviously acquired from hours of watching the strategies of skilled players (Patrick Truong/Jason Wong ) on HoN

Despite winning no cups (“come on, it was the Wellington Easter tournament...”) we also had many successes in other sports as well: the dynamic duo Conrad and Brittany Wong (whom when together many have compared to the Constructicons forming Devastator**) took out the mixed doubles for tennis, placing OSCA 2nd overall for tennis. We also came 2nd in the mens’ relay due to the sacrifice of many morning hours of sleep to the ruthless Wellington morning gale, with minimal sun to compensate. Our indoor netball and touch teams both managed to reach their semi-finals. Also another two-man team William Sew Hoy and Lisa Yue (with their powers combined they become Captain Planet) reached the finals for mixed open table tennis.

Despite the disappointment of Wellington winning 95% of the cups with Auckland taking the rest@, the other contingents knew the full extent of OSCA’s power-[level] (obviously over 9000) when OSCA unleashed their creative talent at the Cultural concert, where OSCA swept away the competition in the multimedia and dance sections, completely obliterating even the hamburgerous efforts of Hawkes Bay#.

Of course the Easter Tourney was not all about fun and games, but also about the nitty-gritty of having to “socialise” and “get ridiculously wasted” at selected locations, often with members of other contingents as well! OSCA put forth a concerted effort on the 2nd night, with Rugby Sevens being the theme, and the OSCA team primarily decked out in Mah Jhong costumes to “poong” any fools who got in the way of the good times. To top these nights of excessive “fun” consumption, was the Easter Ball, now deemed the Easter Cock Tail Party. Themed much like a high school dance, and located in a place all too much like a school hall. Despite this, everyone had a pretty damn good time, and some dare devil rebels might have even ingested alcoholic beverages, although these reports are unconfirmed.

Thanks to the coaches, Albert Yen, Conrad Wong and Jono Wu and the team captains, Brittany Wong, Sarah King, Yi Deng, Conrad Wong, Jono Wu, Richard Wong, Andrew Yee and William Sew Hoy.
Also without several fossil[fuel]s who helped with driving vans and other such useful utility tasks, Easter wouldn’t have been possible. At least, not even half as awesome as it was (“well, what would I know, I was asleep most of the time”- Richie). Kudos to Frances and Colin, Linus and Leanne, and the turncoat King family*** parents, Sharon and Raymond. Additional thanks to to Phil Shum, Sue Sew Hoy, Delvin Chin, Richard Wong [noob] for transporting people to Dunedin airport and Mel Tan [Queen of tap-tap?] for organising breakfast supplies for the YHA. Bronwyn Mitchell, Sarah King, Charlotte King and Nicolle Wong were also a great help in our preparation for Easter
+”Wow that’s more than the population of Oamaru!” – Andrew
*If anyone has seen the OSCA Hide’n’seek team, could they kindly report it to us. We haven’t seen them in several weeks and are slightly worried
**Or alternately the addition of aioli to velvet burger skinnies
@Makes one wonder if there was some kind of “legendary fourth city/contingent” that partook in the Easter tournament
#Some have compared the clean sweep to Richard Wong getting surprised ganked in the forest, with Howie far too busy farming next door to help (In normal people’s terms:≈compared to Richard Wong being noob)
***Don’t trust them not to sell you out to Hawkes Bay next year