Easter Tournament 2014

By Nicolle Wong

Friday 18th to Sunday 21st April 2014
And so another year of the Annual Chinese Easter Sports Tournament began, with an extremely early start for many of the Otago crew travelling to Wellington on Easter Friday morning. For those not aware, the Annual Easter Sports Tournament extends over the Easter break from the Easter Friday morning right through until Easter Monday night, with over 10 sports played over the course of the weekend and social events at night for all ages. Five contingents including Otago & Southland entered playing for their chance to win various cups over the weekend.

It’s estimated that over 1000 people attended the Tournament with 60 people representing Otago/Southland which included organizers and supporters.  The tournament was opened with the Cultural Concert consisting of various performances including a dragon dance, lion dance, line dancing and the stand out performance being the ‘Mr Easter’ competition in which Allan Tan did Otago/Southland proud! The ‘Mr Easter Pageant was highly entertaining and included different sections  including a catwalk, singing, dancing and interview questions.

The kick-off of the sports began immediately after the official opening ceremony with the Otago/Southland branch entering teams in basketball (2 men’s teams and a women’s team), outdoor netball (1 women’s team), indoor netball (2 mixed teams), touch (1 mixed team), badminton (singles and doubles entries), golf, athletics, table tennis, indoor soccer (1 mixed team) and tennis (1 women’s doubles pairing, 1 men’s doubles pairing and 2 mixed doubles pairings).

OSCA kicked off the tournament well, winning the first official sport of the tournament on Friday night by a clean sweep of the trophies in tennis. This included the Women’s Doubles (won by Jessie Watson and Brittany Wong), Men’s Doubles (Conrad Wong and David Chan) and Mixed Doubles (Brittany Wong and Conrad Wong). This was well received, as this was the first year of tennis being an official sport.

OSCA also made it to the semi finals in indoor soccer, which ran parallel to tennis on the Friday night. Bjana Young was a standout performer in the soccer being the top scoring OSCA rep of the night!

The first social events of the tournament included dancing and a dinner for the Veterans, and the traditional bar club event for the Over 18’s, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all (perhaps not so enjoyable the next morning…). The team slumped back to the accommodation for the weekend at the Apollo Lodge in the early hours of the morning, which was a great convenient location with close proximity to the bars.

Over the course of the weekend, OSCA continued to do extremely and somewhat surprisingly well in the majority of the sports we competed in. Wellington and Christchurch dominated the basketball but OSCA won a total of 11 events, 9 of which are official sports. The results are as follows:

  • Men’s Doubles (Conrad Wong & David Chan), 
  • Women’s Doubles (Brittany Wong & Jessie Watson) and 
  • Mixed Doubles (Conrad Wong & Brittany Wong)

  • Men’s Doubles (Eddie Park & Yao Lik Chun)
  • Mens Singles (Yao Lik Chun)
  • Mixed doubles (Yao Lik Chun & Sylvia Ho)

  • Mens relay (4 x 100m) - Nick On, Michael Young, Cameron Young and John Lai
  • Mens Mile – Jonathan Young
  • Womens 800m – Jessica Seow
Table Tennis
  • Mixed Doubles – Lisa Yue & Chin Seow
  • 2nd in Womens Doubles - Lisa Yue & Bjana Young
Mens Golf
  • Gilbert & Monty Wong
The Easter Ball was well attended and was held at Shed 5, Queens Wharf on the Wellington Waterfront.  The sit down three course dinner was delicious and the sponsored photo booth was very popular with everyone able to take away memories from the night.
Overall the tournament was thoroughly enjoyed and OSCA went home very happy with their trophies to hold for the year. This tournament however would of course not have been possible without the help of the extremely amazing parents. Thanks to Frances Wong, Linus and Lee Chin, Sharon and Raymond King for staying with the contingent and carting us to all the various sports, doing our washing and taking care of our various meals over the weekend! We would also like to thank Peter and Janice Sew Hoy who were supporting us in all our sports, helping out over the weekend and taking care of those who were not so well over the weekend (#PeterSewHoy/SharonKing #team docs# hangover cure experts).

Further thanks go to James Chin for picking up 6 OSCA players at 5.20am to go to the airport on Easter Friday morning!

And a huge thanks to Frances Wong, Lee Chin and Linus Chin for doing all the hard behind the scenes work to organize our contingent with food, OSCA gear, accommodation, vans and activities to ensure it all ran smoothly!