By Gordon Wong

In the 2011 Easter Tournament, competitors took part in 12 different sports, some official (count towards to overall tournament Champions trophy) and some not official.

“Official Sports” are sports that count towards the overall Tournament Trophy.  Points are awarded to events within a sport.  A sport cannot become official until it is ratified by the New Zealand Chinese Association Conference, normally upon recommendation of the Easter Tournament Conference.  The Tournament Conference this year recommended that tennis becomes an official sport after running successfully in three successive tournaments.

An event in an official sport will only be official at any given tournament if there are teams from at least three different branches competing.

Sports Directory
Two long standing official sports, badminton and lawn bowls were cancelled at the tournament this year because of the lack of entries.  Fortunately, this does not mean that they will not be considered as official sports in future tournaments. In the previous tournament in Wellington, badminton was official in the men’s and women’s events, while lawn bowls was official in pairs and triples events.  So, rest assured, they are very likely to be official in the tournament in Auckland next year.

Golf was played over two days at Chisholm Park on Friday 22nd and Otago Golf Club (Balmacewan) on Sunday 24th April.  Alas, we don’t have any photos, but golf was well represented with teams from North Otago, Canterbury and OSCA.  OSCA won the “official” teams event with 4 ever dependable and durable locals – Dan Gin, Hong Gin, Gilbert Wong and David Gin.