Men's Open: OSCA1 v Canterbury B - Friday 22 April 2011
By Gordon Wong
What is it about basketball and New Zealand Chinese?  For as long as I can remember (1970’s), basketball has been the major sport at Easter tournaments. This year, there were 9 basketball divisions, 5 of which were “official”.

OSCA as in every tournament competed in every division, with teams in Men’s Open (2), Men’s Under 21 (2), Men’s Under 17 (1), Women’s Under 17 (1), Miniball (1), Tiniball (2), Mixed Veterans (1).  A number of the teams contained our more youthful members playing in more than one division and other sports.  Divisions that had no teams were: Intermediate and Women’s Veterans.  OSCA and Wellington played an ‘exhibition’ Men’s Veteran’s game.

OSCA won trophies for Women’s Under 17 and Tiniball which were not “official”.  Women’s Under 17 would normally be official, but there were only two teams, OSCA and Canterbury.

From the results of the “official” finals, we may be seeing a shift in the balance of power, where Canterbury dominated the Men’s Under 21 and Open divisions.  Wellington the traditional power really struggled against the physical dominance of Canterbury’s “tall timber” in the men’s finals.  Canterbury scraped home in the Women’s Open, a very exciting final “going down to the wire” where Wellington had a slim chance to “get out of jail” in the last minute, but didn’t quite make the right moves.  Just to show that not everything has changed, Wellington won the two other “official” divisions, Women’s Under 21 and Men’s Under 17.