Outdoor Netball

By Kirsty Young and Gordon Wong

Outdoor Netball was played as a round robin between OSCA, Auckland and Wellington on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April at the Edgar Centre. The first game played on Saturday was won by Auckland against Wellington.

The following day proved to be more intense. The OSCA v Auckland match was delayed, due to the late arrival of some Auckland players having just played touch rugby. Rules were followed, and the game had to begin with Auckland short of one player for the first few minutes due to a tight court schedule. This Auckland setback however, had little impact on the final result with OSCA winning the match by a good margin.

The exciting decider between OSCA and Wellington was a very close affair and Wellington at the end came out ahead on the score sheet. It turned out to be quite a controversial game and unfortunately OSCA suffered as a consequence losing their momentum in the final quarter. Ultimately the OSCA team made up of a mixture of dedicated, skilful students and adults fought well and came ever so close to upsetting the status quo.
OSCA v Wellington - Sunday 24 April 2011

OSCA v Auckland - Sunday 24 April 2011

Wellington v Auckland - Saturday 23 April 2011