NZCA Sports Tournament – Dunedin 2015

3rd to 6th April 2015

By Reuben Teo

The 67th NZCA Easter Tournament was hosted by OSCA in Dunedin this year, and after months of planning the tournament still crept up on us. With courts waxed, fields marked and the final rehearsal of the cultural concert, we were ready to welcome the other contingents to our city.

Following the amazing performances from all those involved in the cultural concert, the competitive part of the tournament was to begin with basketball, touch, golf, tennis and indoor soccer. At the Metro Indoor Sports Centre, the indoor soccer started at 6pm. With strong teams from Wellington and Auckland, our cup chasing dreams were abruptly ended just losing to Wellington in the semi-finals. Auckland went on to win the cup in a nail biting penalty shootout over Wellington. Tennis was also played on Friday night with a fairly dominating performance by OSCA who won both official trophies.

After a classic Dunedin morning drizzle, the athletics track was checked and was cleared to commence. Unfortunately the women’s 800m and the men’s mile were unofficial as OSCA had comfortable wins in each. In the official events Wellington dominated and won both the men’s and women’s relays. Badminton was also played on Saturday with three cups up for grabs this was going to be a fiercely competitive day on the court. OSCA had secured the mixed doubles and men’s doubles cups but had lost to Auckland in the women’s doubles. A great effort to all the participants as this was an eight hour badminton tournament. Indoor netball started late due to the contingents rushing around getting food for their players, but once it was underway it was piping hot with competition. The 10 teams involved were all exhausted by the time the final came around, with Wellington winning and securing another cup. Outdoor netball was an unofficial sport but there was still plenty of enthusiasm and after a great effort from the OSCA side, the Wellington team won convincingly.

As the sun rose on the Sunday morning everyone could see the end of the Easter Tournament fast approaching. The basketball and touch semi-finals proved the competitiveness of this tournament. Our women’s overs basketball team showed outstanding effort beating Wellington in the semi-final. This marked OSCA’s first Women’s over finals appearance. The golf also was concluded with OSCA winning another cup. Hockey was also played at the Edgar Centre, with many inexperienced players trying their hand at the new sport with copious amounts of enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Table tennis was not official this year due to the lack of participation from the other contingents, however OSCA did win both the men’s and women’s finals. The final event for the night was dodgeball and it was well attended with many teams entering from all contingents. It was unofficial as it is only held every four years in Dunedin. The Wellington team proved too strong for us in the final and won the event.

The touch and basketball finals were played on Monday. The men’s touch final was won by Auckland in extra time with “drop off” over Wellington. The mixed touch final was won by Wellington by a late try just before the full time whistle was blown. The MU17 basketball was dominated by Auckland and the MU21 was dominated by Canterbury. The Women’s Opens was won by Canterbury after an intense game that showcased OSCA’s talent and effort. Well done girls! The Men’s Overs final was a clash of the titans, with Wellington facing Canterbury. Wellington proved too strong for the Canterbury team and won convincingly. Unfortunately this awarded Wellington another cup, which meant they would tie with OSCA in the overall cup count.

The social events kicked off on Friday at The Break. Unexpectedly, they generously gave us a bar tab as well as subsidised drinks, however the rest of the OSCA contingent did not arrive until after the bar tab had used up by Wellington and Christchurch. A good time was had by all despite early FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The event had a great turnout from all contingents and the first social was a success. 

Saturday night was all about reminiscing over the old times with a retro/throwback theme. Everyone dug out their denim or bright coloured outfits from their wardrobes, and migrated to Dunedin’s finest retro club, Fever. With a light up dance floor and the drinks flowing everyone was having their time of their lives. As per usual Wellington came late to the party, but that meant fresh moves to liven up the stale dance floor. A huge thank you to Kaans Catering who donated the snack food for all of the Over 18 functions as there was plenty to go around. Some of the contingents even snuck a few of the leftovers home to have as breakfast food the next morning.

Sunday night moved the party to the Octagon and since it was finals the next day, many contingents took this as an easy night. Still, there were plenty of yarns, laughs and a boogie or two. Shout out to Ra Bar for providing the subsidised drinks. Since this was an early night in town for all those involved in the finals, the rest of us were notready to end the night there. We moved towards the good old Dunedin Casino. With money in our pockets and a few drinks deep, we set about making some money.

Monday night saw the end to this year’s Easter Tournament. All were excited for the ball, even those who were disappointed with the results. With a tour of the beautiful Chinese Gardens just before the ball, everyone was in the spirit of celebrating another successful Easter. The Toitu Otago Settlers Museum provided the perfect venue, with the Golden Dragon display and table decorations accentuating the mood and theme of the ball. We could all agree that the food was amazing and it was the best we’ve had. With full stomachs and dry throats we were all eagerly waiting for the cup presentations to quench our thirst. With the Easter Tournament ending in a tie between Wellington and OSCA, rivalries were set aside and everyone headed towards the dance floor to party the night away. An unofficial dance off was set to prove who the better contingent was but it proved to be a draw yet again and both contingents agreeing to end the tournament with a tie. With the ball being concluded, everyone said their goodbyes and some tears were shed. A huge shout-out to the Social Committee for decorating and organising the best ball we’ve had in Dunedin by far.  Thanks also to Keith Kelsall who offered to be our official photographer for the night at the photo booth area.  Many amazing photos were taken to remind us of the fantastic night.

A huge thank you needs to be said to all those organising and controlling this Easter Tournament. No words can describe the effort you all put in, with the sleepless night changing the draws, writing the rules, rehearsing your dance routine and emailing the other contingents of changes. This Easter was definitely a success and you can all feel very proud of yourselves for this achievement. A very big thank you should go to all the sponsors of this tournament, also to Linus Chin and Teresa Chan for organising and applying for sponsorship. Without your help, there would be no tournament. A special mention to Jean Lai and her hardworking team who operated the OSCA café over the Easter weekend.  The food was superb and we were so lucky to have delicious freshly cooked Chinese available at Edgar.  I am sure the nearby fast food outlets did not get much business from the tournament participants!  Everyone was also keen to obtain a copy of the Tournament magazine and we know Gordon Wong spent endless hours in formatting the writeups that were submitted.  It’s a credit to Gordon that it was published on time and of such a high standard.  All OSCA players looked so smart in their new OSCA uniforms!  Thanks to Leanne Chin who made sure that the order had arrived on time and I think the favourable comments speaks for themselves!

A special shout out should go to our Tournament Controllers Lisa Ung Hanson and Brittany Wong for all their hard work making this tournament run smoothly and efficiently. This isn’t an easy job especially since you have to keep all the performers, sports controllers and contingents happy. And the last big thank you is to Frances Wong for organising all of the controllers for all the sports, social events and conferring with all the other contingents. We all know how much you do for OSCA and we are grateful for all your hard work. Last but not least, to all the participants and supporters of the tournament. Thank you for making it another memorable and exciting Easter for all of us!

Indoor Soccer - Otago Southland

Intermediate Basketball - Otago Southland squad

Miniball - Otago Southland squad

Food glorious food!
Nicolle Wong selling barbecue pork buns – great Chinese food was provided at the Edgar Centre by Jean Lai and her team to the keep competitors and spectators well fed.

By Gordon Wong

It's been a long time since Otago Southland won the Easter Tournament Trophy and came within a whisker this time, sharing the title with Wellington by scoring 5 points each. Points scored by Otago Southland in Tennis, Badminton and Golf.

Otago Southland continued it's dominance of tennis from previous tournaments to win the men's doubles and mixed doubles.
(Top left) Men's Doubles - Otago Southland - Paddy Ou, Matt Foo
(Above left) Mixed Doubles - Otago Southland - Paddy Ou, Brittany Wong

Otago Southland won the men's mile and women's 800m but Wellington won both the men's and women's 4 x 100m relays to score two tournament trophy points.
NB: The mile and 800m are individual events and therefore do not score tournament trophy points.
(Above middle) Women's 800m winner - Jasmine Ng
(Above right) Men's mile winner - Joshua Stoddard

Badminton made a welcome return to the Easter Tournament after it had been cancelled in Dunedin 2011 because of the lack of competitors.

Otago Southland scored two tournament trophy points by winning the:
Men's Doubles - Luke Falvey and Matt Foo
Mixed Doubles - Monica Xiong and Leo Yang
but Auckland - Jasmine Yeo and Sangya Zhou won the Women's Doubles.

Golf was dominated by a very senior team from Otago Southland: Daniel Gin, Monty Wong, Gilbert Wong, David Gin to score one tournament trophy point.

Best individual performances by David Wong (Auckland) and Diana Chin (Otago Southland).

Women's Overs Basketball
True Grit:
Kelly Nafatali (Otago Southland) scraps for the ball while her team mates Jasmine Ng (obscured), Sara Wang and Brittany Wong look on. Women's Overs was the only basketball final played by an Otago Southland team. On the road the team beat Wellington twice, firstly in pool play and then the semi final. They also beat Auckland, but Canterbury dominated Women’s Overs easily winning every match including beating Otago Southland in pool play and 67- 48 in the final.

Men’s Overs Basketball – Otago Southland A couldn’t quite match their female counterparts, but did well narrowly losing to Wellington A 48-42 in the semi final. Wellington went on to beat Canterbury 77-72 in the final.

Otago Southland Mixed Touch Rugby team

Otago Southland Women’s Under 21 Basketball

Men’s Overs Basketball – Otago Southland B

Men’s Overs Basketball – Otago Southland C – the boys from Invercargill

Men’s Under 21 Basketball