Athletics - Dunedin Easter 2015

Saturday 4 April 2015
By Gordon Wong

Results here

There was a buzz in the air as contingents gathered to support their athletes on a cold wet Easter Saturday morning on the freshly marked track on Bayfield Park, home of the Ariki Athletics and Harriers Club. It had rained at 7am and the event was within a whisker of being postponing till the next day. However, Will Sew Hoy made the wise decision to carry on and after a half hour delay, the men's relay was run first, followed by women's relay, men's mile and women's 800m. The grass was damp grass, the ground very firm, chilly but no further rain. And you'll see from the photos that the athletes clearly enjoyed themselves.

The unusual order of events with the men's relay running first was because some of the boys were due to play an early basketball match.

Wellington won both relays scoring 2 Tournament Trophy points. These points were crucial because Wellington went on to tie with Otago Southland for the Tournament Trophy with 5 points each. The tables had been somewhat turned given that Otago Southland had done rather well in relays in the last couple of tournaments.

Otago Southland athletes won the Women's 800m and Men's Mile which are individual events, therefore do not score Tournament Trophy points.

Men's 4x100m relay
By the first change Wellington and Auckland are clear of the rest of the field;

Final change. Wellington are marginally ahead of Auckland. 3rd placed Otago Southland is just coming into the picture on the right, quite a distance behind the first two. On the right the Wellington girls cheer their boys on.

Wellington get their nose in front and get clear. Gary Gin chases hard for Otago Southland and makes up some ground while Waikato (red on the outside lane) have changed in 4th place just ahead of Canterbury trailing on the inside lane.

Women's 4x100m Relay
Wellington (black) get off to a flier and was well in front by the first change. By the second change there was considerable distance between first (Wellington), second (Otago Southland) and third (Canterbury).
Otago Southland athletes
(Ttop left) 3rd in Men’s Relay (3.Zachary Young [ran in place of Allan Tan], 4.Gary Gin, 2.Cameron Young, 1.Nick On, Allan Tan);
(Top right) 2nd in Women’s Relay (3.Katie Wong, 1.Davina Wong, 2.Sara Wang, 4.Jasmine Ng);
(Below left) Men’s Mile – Nick On [2nd], Zachary Young, Joshua Stoddard [1st], Jonathan Young [4th];
(Below right) Women’s 800m – Rebekkah Choie [2nd], William Sew Hoy [official starter], Jasmine Ng [1st].

Men's Mile
(Otago Southland unless otherwise stated) A fast start in the Men’s Mile - Cameron Young (orange), Zachary Young, Nick On [2nd], Gary Gin, Allan Tan, James Lin [3rd, Waikato], William Sew Hoy [the starter], Jonathan Young [4th, obscured], Josh Stoddard [1st], unknown from Auckland? Within a couple of laps 14 year old Josh Stoddard had left the older guys trailing way behind.

(Above left) The field being stretched by an Aucklander (you can see the corner of his arm at the left edge of the picture rather than Josh Stoddard, followed by Zachary Young, Jonathan Young, James Lin and Nick On;
(Above right) After a lap or 2, Josh is followed by Jonathan Young, the Aucklander, James Lin, Nick On and a fair way round the bend Zachary Young.

(Above left to right) Josh on his own; Nick On finishing second; 
(Below) James Lin (Waikato) finishing third ahead of Jonathan Young with Zachary Young visible on the last bend.

Women's 800m
The women's 800m featured only two athletes from Otago Southland.
(Below) The start with Rebbekah Choie (left) marginally ahead of Jasmine Ng while starter Will Sew Hoy (orange) moves off the track. Jasmine went on to win comfortably but there wasn't a lot of distance between the two runners at the finish.