Veterans Basketball

3rd to 5th April 2015
By Gordon Wong
Men’s Veterans basketball was recently ratified as an “official” sport i.e. a sport that counts towards the Tournament Trophy. Unfortunate-ly there were only enough veterans coming to Dunedin to field North Island and South Island teams. The men fought out three very competitive matches with the North winning the first and the South edging the second by a single point before convincingly winning the third. We only had two Otago Southland players in the South team – Chris Roy and Kevin Ng.

One mixed veterans match was played between Canterbury and a rest of New Zealand team (1 Wellington, 3 Auckland and 4 from Otago Southland – Suzy Zeng, Fiona West, Kevin Ng the captain and Gordon Wong playing basketball for the first time since 1991). The Rest of NZ won with the most dominant players coming from Auckland. Apart from one incident where Ken from Auckland flattened Mike Kohing from Canterbury, with a charging elbow it wasn’t overly physical. Mike suffered a bump on the cheek, but fortunately got up to continue playing. It was a fairly good natured but competitive game amusingly starting with Eddie Liew saying “we’re not professional refs, so keep it clean guys”. The young buck telling the old codgers to behave themselves.

Results here

Men's Veterans
(Above) Match 2, Saturday 4th April 2015. The South (black) edge the North (light blue) 29-28 after losing the opening match of Friday 27-18.
(Below) The South continue their improvement on Sunday to win convincingly 25 - 16 - Chris Roy (South, obscured) contests with Ken Gan and Dennis Chin (North);
Mixed Veterans
Saturday 4th April
The Combined Rest of NZ team beat Canterbury 48 - 35. Most the Rest of NZ points were scored by the Aucklanders and lone Wellingtonian, apart from a couple of streaky shots by Gordon.

(Above) Ken Gan (from Auckland) protects the ball, with Gordon Wong (from Otago Southland), Lianne Young (from Wellington) in support while Aki Tanaka (obscured, Canterbury) and Mike Kohing (Canterbury) look on.
(Below) Viv (from Auckland - top scorer) shoots while Howie Yee (Canterbury) challenges. Others from left are Aki Tanaka (Canterbury), Gordon Wong (obscured - from Otago Southland), Mike Kohing (Canterbury), Emmie King (Canterbury) and Ken Gan (from Auckland).
(Bottom) Viv shoots again with Angelina King (Canterbury) attempting a block. Others from left - Mike Kohing (Canterbury), Suzy Zeng (from Otago Southland).