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Basketball - Local Competition 2009

OSCA Men’s Basketball 2009

By Henry Kuo - Coach
The OSCA Men’s Basketball Club has been the biggest it has ever been in a long time with an enormous number of enthusiastic players participating in multiple competitions throughout 2009.

This year, OSCA was able to enter 2 teams in the Dunedin Men’s Club Competition. We had a team in division 2 and a team in division 3. It was the first year OSCA had a team in the division 2 competition. Both teams played competitively in their grade and gained a lot of experience.

OSCA also sent a team up to Wellington for the WCSCC Queen’s Birthday Basketball Tournament. This team was made up of players of different ages and abilities. The goal of this tournament for OSCA was to use this opportunity to give the younger players more game and tournament experience. This OSCA Team ended up winning the B grade of this competition.

The South Island Chinese Basketball Tournament was also a highlight of the season, where both OSCA Men’s Open teams beat Canterbury and clenched an OSCA vs. OSCA final. The final was an action-packed game filled with excitement. The winning OSCA team only won by 3 points!

The final tournament the OSCA Basketball Club participated in was the OSCA Basketball Tournament where they competed against a number of local teams and came out victorious.

The season was topped off with an ‘End-of-Year’ formal dinner at the Ironic Café. It was an awesome turn out and an entertaining evening with funny awards and presentations.
OSCA Women’s Basketball 2009
By Albert Yen - Coach
The OSCA Women’s Basketball Team participated in the 2009 Dunedin local women’s league competition for the second year running. It was a great experience for the girls to be able to play some fierce opponents, and sometimes teams with better skills. Not to mention that every other team in the competition had a huge height advantage! Even though we started the season relatively slowly, the girls adjusted to the level of competition as the season progressed. Towards the end of the season we were much more competitive than when we started. We also had an invitation to play a high school team from Oamaru mid way through the season, however, things those plans did not eventuate.

In 2010, we hope to not only  play in the annual NZCA Easter tournament but also in other tournaments up in Wellington, such as the Queen’s birthday and Dragons tournaments as it was a great experience for the boys team to travel to Wellington this year to compete. I am sure that the girls’ team will gain a lot out of more participation in other competitions.

It has been a pleasure to look after these girls for the past couple of years and see the way they have continued to develop their game. I am pleased to have been part of their team development and to coach them to the skill level that they have reached.