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Local Basketball Competition Reports 2011

OSCA Men’s 3rd Division Basketball Team 

By Yi Deng
The OSCA Men’s 3rd division team did very well this year. We made it to the semi-finals but just came short of the finals. It was a struggle initially as many of the older team members left so the rest of the team had to step up and take the lead. However, with patience and commitment, we managed to fill our roles and make it to the semi-finals. Injuries to our big men hindered our performance greatly but we were able to adjust our style of play and overcome these challenges.

There were many highlights in our season including clutch performances from players. The one that stands out the most was the amazing victory against Falcons 5. We were slow to pick up the pace early on in the game and at the end of the first quarter, we were down 21-1. However, everyone kept their composure and slowly chipped away at the lead. Led by the outstanding shooting performances of our back-court (namely Patrick Troung, Michael Ngan-Kee and Sunny Kim) we overcame a 20 point deficit to win the game by 6 points.

Overall, it was a fun season and I’m sure everyone on the team enjoyed it. It was good to meet and bond with the new members of the team. Everyone gained a lot of experience from playing and will no doubt carry it onto the next season.
OSCA Social Mixed Basketball Team 

By Rachel Chin

OSCA’s social basketball team played in the division 1 grade this season. The competition ran from mid May til the end of August at The Edgar Centre. The games were played between 6 and 10 on Wednesday nights. The pool was very competitive and we had lots of exciting games. We ended up coming 4th, after being beaten in the playoffs. The top four teams were extremely competitive and all of the teams could’ve ended up being placed anywhere. There were a number of players who participated throughout the season and several regulars.
Everyone enjoyed playing together and having some fun on Wednesday nights. It was a good study break or an eventful way to procrastinate. We all enjoyed putting our skills to good use and getting to know each other better. I must admit at times we did find it difficult to out jump our opponents and get rebounds, however our speed and accuracy helped us win a lot of the games. Overall the season went very well and I hope we can have even more people participating next year.