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Men's and Women's Basketball 2008


By Julie Chin
November 2008

The women’s club basketball season finished mid August. Unfortunately we did not make the play-offs, but considering it was our first year in the competition we did pretty well and achieved the goals we aimed for. These included improving our court sense, building on our ball handling skills and most of all gaining experience. But the best part of all was the team bonding involving a team dinner, pre court session and the court session itself. Throughout the season we got to know our team mates a lot better and this was also reflected on the court as the season progressed. Sadly the season has come to an end and we would just like to thank Albert for coaching, our supporters who came to our games and also OSCA for subsidizing us. It wouldn’t have happened without you guys!


By Albert Yen
November 2008

Another successful season came to an end for the boys’ team. We finished the round robin in third place on the table meaning that we had two must win semi finals for a shot at the finals. The boys did just that by pulling away from the opponents to get to where we thought we would be before the season started. However, we were unable to go all the way to the top. In midst of the club finals, the boys also competed in the annual local Asian tournament which was well organized by OSCA. Unfortunately we did not get past the semi finals. The combined boys and girls court session was a decent night of socializing enjoyed by all. This season the boys played well as a team and pulled each other through the team struggles and learnt what a team is all about. Thank you to Henry for coaching. Bring on the 2009 season. We would not be denied!