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Men's Div 3 and Social Mixed Basketball 2013

Mens Division 3 Basketball
By Boris Ma
The OSCA Men’s 3rd division team had an exciting season in 2013. We had a decent record with only 4 losses. Unfortunately, we probably lost the most important match against Vipers Black in the final.

Throughout the season, we had lots of fun and exciting moments including the close game against Otago Boys High School. During the game, many parents were watching their kids and cheering for Otago Boys High School. It was a tight game with lots of lead changes and we had a one point lead in the final few seconds. Fortunately with our defensive effort, we were able to maintain the lead and won the game. It was a very good experience for us to battle in an “AWAY” atmosphere and grabbed a huge win. It gave us lots of confidence to continue the season.

As usual, there were challenges and obstacles which included injuries and not enough players during university semester break throughout the season. The most frustrating moment was the player suspension related to a game against another team. Hopefully, our team can learn from this issue and I am confident we will handle the situation in much more mature manner in the future.

Also, I want to give thanks for all the support from the members in OSCA who cheered for us throughout the season. This support encouraged us to build and improve our intensity during the games, which we all appreciated. I hope we can challenge the title next season and bring the success back.

Social Mixed Basketball
By Michael Ngan Kee
In 2013 our OSCA mixed basketball team played in the top division for Otago Social Mixed basketball. By the end of the season we managed to place fourth overall in the competition. It was a struggle to play against teams who were much taller than us, but we managed to grab a couple of wins with our fast breaks, shooting and team defence. We had an up and down season with a couple of wins and losses decided by close games. None closer than our penultimate game of the season which would determine whether we'd playoff for the plate or spoon. We played hard to overcome a big 8 point deficit with only a couple of minutes left on the clock. We closed out the game with some tight team defence and some late game heroics from the team leaders to win by one!