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Men's 2nd Div Basketball 2015

By Colin Chin and Reuben Teo

Following a stellar season in 2014, OSCA Men’s division team wanted to step up their game test their skills in a higher division. This year they competed in the local Men’s B grade basketball competition where the level of expertise had risen substantially in contrast to C grade. It was going to be a challenge but the recruitment of players looked very promising forming a team with great height, depth and experience. The team, captained by Colin Chin and co captained by Reuben Teo with James Campbell helping with the coaching aimed to have a strong season. Unfortunately, before the beginning of the season and prior to the big Easter Tournament, OSCA lost a couple of key players due to injuries, hindering what could have been an impactful start to the season. As the season progressed, we grew together as a team and began to work out the strengths and weaknesses of each player to allow us to work better as a whole. Although we did not have much success in winning, we had very close games at times. Halfway through, 2 new players were added to the team, Samuel Ng and Jah Wee Lee. Both players originating from Wellington, they added great experience and depth to the team. Even so it was not enough to put OSCA in the top 6 - just falling short to make it to the play offs